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  1. suhajko

    Leather supplier in Europe

    Hey guys. I need to ask a favour.. Does anybody know where in Europe I can get leather like this? Thanks
  2. suhajko

    Leather splitter (EU Sale)

    Hey guys, I bought this leather splitter a while ago but its not suitable for what I do.. I would recommend it for thicker veg tan only. Thin leathers dont work that well. I bought it from Sieck GmBH in Germany just last year and it was used just a handful of times so its more or less like new. I had it fitted with the bottom rubberised feeding roll for better grip + I have a spare knife. This machine owes me about 1400 EUR with knife and the feeding roll. I will give it away for 1000 EUR + shipping cost (its pretty heavy..). I am located in the centre of Slovakia. If anybody from the neighbour countries would be interested, I could load it up in my car and drive a reasonable amount of KM to meet you halfway or so... You can reach me at or here via DM.. Any questions, just ask Jan
  3. suhajko

    Leather splitting machine in the EU

    hey guys.. one more question about these machines.. how important are the rubber coated rolls? My current splitter doesnt have the coating and never had any issues with any marks on the leather.
  4. Hey guys Im kinda stuck here.. I am looking for a manual leather splitting machine, something where you can split leather without pulling it with force. It does not have to be too wide, 2-4 inch would be just enough for my needs. An electrical splitter would be OK too, my only condition is that it should be easily transportable.. I appreciate the input J.
  5. OP please disregard the negative comments... if you ever make some more, just send me a PM and I will buy one as well. at 36 USD its really good value
  6. suhajko

    Dies In Europe?

    Im not sure that I will honor his offer with a reply Any other manufacturer suggestions? I found some guys in the UK but they only make 19mm dies. I need some between 25-34mm in heigth...
  7. suhajko

    Dies In Europe?

    Yeah, just got a reply from Leder Elbert and they quoted me 800 EUR (900 USD) for 2 simple dies Is this normal???
  8. suhajko

    Dies In Europe?

    I dont care which country as long as quality is good Looked on the web, do they actually make the leather die cutters?
  9. suhajko

    Dies In Europe?

    Hey guys, any suggestions where to get some good quality and affordable dies done in Europe? Any help is much appreciated Thanks!
  10. suhajko

    Clicker Press In Europe

    Many thanks for all the replies All the huge presses are too big for my purposes, this is the reason why I mostly considered the Tippmann presses. They do have a lot of power, the cutting space would be sufficient and the price is more or less acceptable. Only problem is the expensive shipping to Europe + customs hassle which do bug me a lot. The small Lucris hand press seems quite interesting and might do the job as well. I have sent a quote request, lets see what they reply
  11. suhajko

    Clicker Press In Europe

    Im located in Slovakia... Could you send me some links? Or at least a german expression that will look up the results on the german ebay? Thanks
  12. suhajko

    Clicker Press In Europe

    Hey guys. I think I will be needing one or something similar. The Tippmann machines look good but ordering from the US I would rather avoid.. Any recommendations where to get something like this in Europe? A good manual press might be OK as well. Many thanks.
  13. suhajko

    Horween Scraps

    Hey guys I would like to buy some larger Horween scraps. It is really hard to find suppliers in Europe for horween leathers, so before I commit to buy some whole hides, I would like to play a bit with some scraps... It doesnt matter to me what scraps but I prefer vegetable tanned stuff mostly. I would like to try latigo, dublin, essex, chromexcel and so on.. Thanks
  14. suhajko

    Clicker + Dies In Europe

    Thanks for the input The dies can wait as I need to find a suitable clicker/press yet. I know about Dixons but I guess their solutions will be quite expensive.. A used MA Series III or something similar would be excellent.
  15. suhajko

    Clicker + Dies In Europe

    Hey guys! I think it is about time I get a clicker but my initial search for a source in Europe is not easy. Is here somebody that could point me in the right direction? I think something like the MA Series III would be perfect but I wouldnt mind getting something cheaper with good quality. Also a good place to get some clicker dies made? Much appreciated S.