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  1. Die cuts with and without stitch holes.
  2. Also supply die cuts for messengers and wallets
  3. Many designs. Not the Tandy/Springfield 3 mm holes. These are self clearing 1 mm punches. 3 pt/.937 dies.
  4. We use our laser to cut die boards for our product dies. And to cut patterns. we also do a lot of one off jobs with the laser
  5. Additional die cuts and patterns
  6. Just knocked up 10 of these long holster die cuts. Used various oil tanned. We also do veg tanned. We are working on a line of die cuts or kits, whatever you prefer. The kits come with all hardware installed including zippers. I'm working on instructions as we go along. I made the dies with 1mm stich holes. These go together nicely. franksclassicleather.com
  7. We don’t want it to look like a Tandy boys scout kit.We want a nice finished product. Maybe a simple knife sheath for a scouts first pocket knife.between 5-$7 dollars
  8. Thanks for the feedback. The holes are .05” (1.27mm) The thread is 1 mm,it’s a pretty tight fit if you look at finished product,but yes I can make them smaller.Yes we putting together a program aimed at Scouts/Campfire ect.
  9. Was kinda asking for opinions on what might be a good kit for the aspiring leatherworker. These kits are aimed at the fella who doesn’t have room for a complete workshop. We do have a handful of local people who purchase,tool or stamp and sell at craft shows as an added to their other products. Sorry,wasn’t trying to sell just looking for feedback,and I appreciate your feedback.
  10. More laser cut kits. Although these kits are supplied with stitch holes, we can supply without stitch holes, which would include reference holes to line up pieces for machine sewing.The complete stitch hole kits have the needles, thread and all hardware/zippers ?installed where applicable. We are constantly updating and creating more products. Any suggestions ? https://franksclassicleather.com/shop/ols/products/long-wallet-kit https://franksclassicleather.com/shop/ols/products/natural-skirting-beltshoulder-bag-kit https://franksclassicleather.com/shop/ols/products/3-compartment-hand-stitched-wallet-kit https://franksclassicleather.com/shop/ols/products/flap-style-wallet-and-card-holder-kit https://franksclassicleather.com/shop/ols/products/buck-110-style-holster-sheath
  11. You should at least ask for a quote with DDP shipping. That is “Door to Door Paid”. Which includes all shipping,import duties,customs costs and local transport to your location. We have purchased manufacturing items from China and alway specify DDP. Watch out for DDU “door to door,unpaid”. Shipping ,transport you pay all customs ect,that can bite you.
  12. This long wallet is one of our laser cut kits. made from W&C skirting, split to the correct thickness for each part of the wallet. We apply a coat of tan coat to protect it, you can resoline or wax to finish. The hardware and the zips are installed. This kit is aimed at the hobbyist who just wants to finish a project without investing a boatload on tools. Just sew, finish the edges ,wax and your done. We are listing more on our website daily. We currently have about 12 kits listed.
  13. Correct Amigo. The lower power lasers also have a shorter focal distance, which makes for a smaller beam, therefore giving you a more precise greyscale print or engrave. Also the CO2 lasers don't fire much below 18-20%, so a 150 watt laser will only go down to about 30 watts to fire. Much to high for many engraving jobs. We have a 150w for mainly cutting, which we use in the 40-60% range. We also have a 60watt (Which tests @ 48watts,since new)which we use in the 20-50% range for engraving and dithered greyscale.
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