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  1. We don’t want it to look like a Tandy boys scout kit.We want a nice finished product. Maybe a simple knife sheath for a scouts first pocket knife.between 5-$7 dollars
  2. Thanks for the feedback. The holes are .05” (1.27mm) The thread is 1 mm,it’s a pretty tight fit if you look at finished product,but yes I can make them smaller.Yes we putting together a program aimed at Scouts/Campfire ect.
  3. Was kinda asking for opinions on what might be a good kit for the aspiring leatherworker. These kits are aimed at the fella who doesn’t have room for a complete workshop. We do have a handful of local people who purchase,tool or stamp and sell at craft shows as an added to their other products. Sorry,wasn’t trying to sell just looking for feedback,and I appreciate your feedback.
  4. More laser cut kits. Although these kits are supplied with stitch holes, we can supply without stitch holes, which would include reference holes to line up pieces for machine sewing.The complete stitch hole kits have the needles, thread and all hardware/zippers ?installed where applicable. We are constantly updating and creating more products. Any suggestions ? https://franksclassicleather.com/shop/ols/products/long-wallet-kit https://franksclassicleather.com/shop/ols/products/natural-skirting-beltshoulder-bag-kit https://franksclassicleather.com/shop/ols/products/3-compartment-hand-stitched-wallet-kit https://franksclassicleather.com/shop/ols/products/flap-style-wallet-and-card-holder-kit https://franksclassicleather.com/shop/ols/products/buck-110-style-holster-sheath
  5. You should at least ask for a quote with DDP shipping. That is “Door to Door Paid”. Which includes all shipping,import duties,customs costs and local transport to your location. We have purchased manufacturing items from China and alway specify DDP. Watch out for DDU “door to door,unpaid”. Shipping ,transport you pay all customs ect,that can bite you.
  6. This long wallet is one of our laser cut kits. made from W&C skirting, split to the correct thickness for each part of the wallet. We apply a coat of tan coat to protect it, you can resoline or wax to finish. The hardware and the zips are installed. This kit is aimed at the hobbyist who just wants to finish a project without investing a boatload on tools. Just sew, finish the edges ,wax and your done. We are listing more on our website daily. We currently have about 12 kits listed.
  7. Correct Amigo. The lower power lasers also have a shorter focal distance, which makes for a smaller beam, therefore giving you a more precise greyscale print or engrave. Also the CO2 lasers don't fire much below 18-20%, so a 150 watt laser will only go down to about 30 watts to fire. Much to high for many engraving jobs. We have a 150w for mainly cutting, which we use in the 40-60% range. We also have a 60watt (Which tests @ 48watts,since new)which we use in the 20-50% range for engraving and dithered greyscale.
  8. We use our laser daily for production. Some products we prove and then have dies made. As far as the soot we use dried air from our shop compressor at about 50 PSI regulated ,which really lessens any burning. On products that we want no burn residue we use regulated CO2 instead of air which doesn't allow any burn. Sample of some cut pieces to be hand sewn. We sell these as kits, sew only. All of our in house manufacture is machine sewn.
  9. Holes are cut with laser. All of our kits the holes line up perfectly. Edge if you want and burnish, or just paint the edges. No sanding to line up edge. We cut all of our saddle stirrup fenders, many fancy bridle parts. The 60w we use exclusively for photo graphics and engraving. We also use it to cut outlines for carving.
  10. These are some products we produce daily from our 150 and 60w lasers.Just a few examples. Over 500 Holster designs on file. Our laser cutters and engravers have replaced hand cutting with precision cnc cutting.
  11. 550 +50 shipping with two bunkhouse rolls of course keys and wrenches Nail it down and start embossing.
  12. Price lowered $500.+50 shipping
  13. Roll type Leather embosser Simple and fast change of rollers, using 1/8" Allen wrench Roll type Easy to adjust strap guides with a unique adjustment system Drop out handle for name blanks Fast Hand operated roller pressure adjustment Will take about any roller on the market up to 2" wide with a 1" dia. bore. No assembly required, ready to use after securing to work surface ( Bolts or screws, for securing to work surface not included.) Made to last a lifetime, Hand operated, portable, and requires only a small working area this machine will produce quality embossed belts and straps with clean crisp, deep details. If you are looking for a quality well made embossing machine that will save you time and money, while paying for itself, this is the machine for you. I have included 2 pieces of brass bushings. They allow the use of small diameter Rolls with this machine This sale is for Machine and brass spacers only. Does not include the roll in the picture. This machine is in excellent condition. Was used as a backup for a larger unit. $550+50 Shipping OBO These go for $850.00 new,this is in Excellent condition Shipping from Franks Classic Leather 4571 Clark Rd Sarasota FL 34233
  14. I remember seeing this topic once before,but I was unable to find it. Once you have amassed a number of mold guns, storage becomes a consideration. After REV 1,2 and 3 I've come up with a basic storage concept. I am sure other have as good if not better, but here it is. Laser cut ,shows the Build,about 15 minutes to assemble. I have 5,10, and 16 gun designs can be stacked.First photo shows 45 gun storage.Last photo show storage the largest mold is an FN57. The header piece is the slick side of Masonite so you can use removable stickers to mark slots as you change configurations.I don't know if there is any interest in these,I do know they have made inventory and usage of mold guns much more friendly. If interested they could be shipped knock down,you assemble,wood glue and a mallet. Sstacked.The fist
  15. We purchased a Chinese water cooled laser from Rose Graphix https://bescutter.com/collections/lasers/products/business-level-52x36-co2-laser-cutter-engraver-100w-to-150w 150 w complete with chiller exhaust and rotary attachment. About 10k all in. Could have bought similar off ebay for a few grand less,but this supplier was only 100 miles away from us.Its been flawless.Cut, engrave,2D,3D. The supplier was very good.I suggest anyone that gets a Chinese laser get the one supplied with Reci laser tube and Ruida Control. The RD works controller software takes 2D, ai ,3D,BMP's files for cut and engrave .Its become a tool that we know can't do without. This machine id made by Baldor in China and is sold through Rose.
  16. Slimjim for 4 5/8 single six,Cut Time 32 Sec. 9-10 Oz Veg, 30 mm sec @ 55% .Total time to load and cut < 2 min.
  17. Just wanted to chime in.I have attached photos of a 3x3 piece of Veg Tanned we use for our foldover holsters. We laminate a piece of 4 and 3-4,which gives top grained finish inside the holsters and adds rigidity.We have all of our patterns digitized,so i can lay them(Nest) for maximum yield. i use the areas between the holsters to cut out frogs and various other pieces. Some of the pieces shown are bullet loop backing,Holster,Bullet bracelet.Our laser is a 1390 130 watt Rose Graphix laser. We cut the laminated 7-8 oz /20 mm sec at 40%. Sided Veg tanned,9-10 oz for cowboy holsters,20 mm sec at 55%.This tool makes cutting custom shapes a breeze .Chrome tan 5-7 oz , 20 mm per sec@50%, 7-8 Oz 20mm per sec @65% To digitize I scanned our paper templates into a corel format. You can then trace the outline of the pattern.On many holsters i just trace one half ,then copy and flip the other half so the sides are perfectly the same.This tool cuts out countless man hrs.When cutting wallet material we increase air flow which keeps from charring the edges. Pigskin or calfskin,we use inert gas (N2 or C02) to shield ,perfect edges. And yes you can manufacture delrin stamps,and engrave 3D effects on your stamps.Also cuts Kydex like Butter. Most important exhaust fan. is a 6",to a vent on the roof of the building.
  18. Perfect candidate for a laser Rocky Aussie,You could be assembling one while one was cutting. Repeatability ,while you attend to another ask= Production
  19. For the edges we paint lighter we run them across a 3m scotchbrite wheel,knocks the char right off. I am going to try inert gas instead of air,that should prevent any combustion,and prevent Charring I read somewhere that"s how they cut exotic shoe uppers uppers now, Ill keep you informed.
  20. I think you are right Wiz,please move it at your convenience ,Thanks
  21. Chuckdette,We have some charring,but I’ve been able to back off on the power tto minimize that. Excess charring could be focal length not set right? All of our molded fold over are all double sided. 2-2.5 oz/ 4- 4.5oz glued back to back. We cover the 4.5 oz side with low tack sign transfer tape. We trim the sides so we end up with 20 + ft2 laminated. We can slip it in the front door of the laser. I nest the patterns which maximizes yield. I use an outlined font to mark the make ,model,,IWB/OWB on each holster.We maintain specific inventories,so I’m able to mix the holster cuts on the one piece.
  22. I think the repeatability makes it a useful tool.we do everything from Bridles to holsters,wallets ect. New patterns are easy to whip up. Nice work,very nice.
  23. We recently purchased a 130 Watt CO2 laser. It has opened up new horizons of products we can produce cost effectively.And it allows us to change basic patterns without having to get new dies made. Great for prototyping,and production. Maybe we should have a Laser section and we can learn from each other,just an idea. We have cut 2 oz Veg-14 oz Veg very effectively,engraving is easy. i’ll post some work in the coming weeks.This is the engraver/cutter.https://bescutter.com/collections/lasers/products/business-level-52x36-co2-laser-cutter-engraver-100w-to-150w?variant=33972278919 The reason we opted for this unit was we had viewed other Chinese engravers,the boxes were thin sheet metal,pretty flimsy. This unit weighs in at over a thousand lbs ,the othe ones we viewed were <750lbs. The linear ways are pretty robust,and the other owners spoke highly of the machines. There is some assembly required,and the focusing of the mirrors is time consuming. All and all we’re very happy with the new addition. I took the time while waiting for delivery to digitize all the standard Holster patterns, which we don’t have dies for,and even some we have dies that I wanted to modify.
  24. I’ve made a few holsters for 1917’s. Used N frame pattern. Hope that helps. If you need a pattern,let me know the barrel length and I’ll semd you a foldover pattern.
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