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  1. Turning the hand wheel while the screw is undone wii reposition the crank, when u retighten the screw it will be in a different position. I had to experiment a bit. I am currently away from home on holidays so cant post a picture. I agree about going slow and cautious about adjustments. Brad
  2. Hi Dingus, I have a Pfaf f335 h2, havent had much time to do much with it yet. I suggest you type Pfaff 335 in the search box at the top of the web site. You will get a lot of hits, good reading. Look down the list of results for a thread titled "Help timing a 335". In this thread is a link to a Pfaff technical site. Follow the link and down load the pdf for timing a 335. The site is for the newer model 335 g, but the instructions worked for my h2. I am just a beginner but the pfaff document should help you equalize your feet height. I am on a tablet at the moment and it would not let me link this post directly to the site. Hope this helps, Brad
  3. I have a 335 h2 and used the adjustment manual for the new 335G and achieved great results. My machine looks the same as yours but is painted a green colour. Good luck with it.
  4. Hi folks, greetings from Oz. This is my first post and would just like to say thanks to all who have participated in this forum. I have been looking for a sewing machine for a couple of months. Looking at online auction sites and online classified add sites, then doing a google search to check out each prospective machine. This site always came up with best info so I joined. I think I have nearly read all th threads in this section of the forum. The infomation here is amazing for someone in my position with little knowledge or experience. Thanks. I bought a Pfaff 335 H2 with binder fitted, even after reading all the coments about the price of replacement parts. The machine looks a bit sad, but the price was right. Took it home cleaned it up and it sews fine. Have purchased a conversion kit from Aust Phaff distributor (generic part) and fitted them. All seem good, just need some practise sewing. Will probably get a local technician to give it the once over. Brad
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