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  1. thanks for all the help!! i will definatley post some pictures as soon as i get done with some practice and final pieces. amy
  2. Hey everybody! I have a huge spirtual connection to native american art work and i was wondering if anyoe would be wiling to share their designs or what inspired them for the figures/infulence of native american art into their leather peices. if you don't want to show on the boards, you can email me. take care Amy
  3. does anyone make shoes? i was just sitting around and thinking of stuff i could do, or at least try to do, and shoes popped into my head. is there a good shoe making website?? book? look forward to the help. take care amy
  4. thanks! is there something i should do special to make it pliable other than just using a sponge? am
  5. ok. so i am making my dad some mocassins for christmas. i have some really nice cowhide. some soft rabbit fur for the lining. and i also got some belly leather to use as soles so they don't wear out to quickly. i got a really good deal on the belly. and i have quite a bit of it. other than mocs what can i use it for? it's super tough and i am use to using soft pliable leather. anyone have suggestions?? amy
  6. well. i have it a bit better off than most. i'm in school from 9:30 until 12 or 2 most days and then i have family obligations, mostly watching my nephew. then i go home and cook dinner while my girlfriend works on her work. and then i do mine. then if there is any time left i do some leather work. we've been together for almost 2 years, so she knows when i need to work on my leather. i tend to do most of my work at night, and i would love to do some work on the weekends but mostly it's taken up by family obligations and enjoying the cold weather! i'd say i work on leather about 5 to 6 hours on a very very good week. others none at all. amy
  7. I really love what you've done. is it amazing and very artful. may i ask how you went about doing it? and the coloring! oh my, how gorgeous...green is my favorite color, so you had me with that, but the shades and blue, beautiful! the collar reminds me of something a pharoh would wear. amy
  8. i don't carry purses, but i loved this piece!! it is absolutely beautiful. good work. amy
  9. that is a very cool bag. i like the horse design and the orange thread.
  10. i know that if you get the wildlife pattern template, they have fish, bears, deer and some birds...although the most of the bears and deer are to large of a belt, but would be nice size for the wallet. there are some that could be used on the belt. but most of the animals are to big. amy
  11. that is a terrific wallet. great instruction too!
  12. I am looking for some recommendations. i am wanting to make my dad some moccasins for christmas and i need good book/pattern or resource to turn to for help and how to's. does anyone know of any?? take care amy
  13. alright. well i did my belt. i'm not happy at all with it. i am going on monday to get a new belt. and will practice on the rest of my used one for practice. it was my first try and i'm off on my next one. amy
  14. thanks. the belt is already pre-cut and have the slits and holes that are necessary. i definately hear the practice theme! marlon-did you fill up the drum???! amy
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