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  1. I have a good handle on the accounting side. I just want to tie a manufacturing side to it better. With expansion in near sight, I need to start looking at options. I was hoping there is something out there for us sole operator businesses. There are allot of packages out there, so I'll just keep doing my research. Thanks
  2. Manage my business better than 500 different spreadsheets is what I hope to accomplish. Billing, invoicing, materials management, supplier management, manufacturing costing, etc.
  3. Pully 1 diameter x PI (3.14)/2 Pully 2 diameter x PI (3.14)/2 Plus length of pully 1 center to center of pully 2 multiply x 2. Add it all together is your length.
  4. Thanks for the attempt. But I figured if people don't know what ERP means, they wouldn't attempt to answer.I am looking for someone who has implemented a package in their business for ERP, and MRP which I can communicate with. Thanks again.
  5. Has anyone implemented any ERP software in their leather business. And what are your thoughts of what you implemented?
  6. You can try using a good solvent to lighten the color a little. You wont be able to completely remove it, but it should lighten it a little. A chlorinated brake cleaner should do the trick. Just be advised the solvent WILL remove the natural oils so you will need to recondition it after using a non-darkening leather dressing like Pecards.
  7. I'd be interested in seeing some website metrics, an inventory list, and rolling stock overview.
  8. Too bad it's a local auction only. Some nice stuff to bid on.
  9. I have 4 - 100pks of single edge injector blades available. $20ea or all 4 for $70. Perfect for strap cutters and skivers. Free shipping to continental US addresses. Prefer payment via paypal. Thanks PM me if you are interested
  10. Looks like you're off to a good start! Just remember when you are making your decorative cuts to lift up the swivel knife to fade the line. They should go from deep to shallow. Keep up the great work.
  11. FYI, Latigo is what you all call white hide or red hide down-under.
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