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    Where do I start???
  1. fortysomething

    Contact Cement Bottle With Brush?

    Check at Harbor Freight Tools. Just saw them there for $2.99 for a package of 36. Here is a link to the site. They also have brick-and-mortar stores. If they're near enough you might save shipping.
  2. May have to think about it, but since my name has double meaning for me I may keep. The name was created when I joined a firearm forum and refers firearm calibers. BTW, sorry for the late response. I haven't checked in here or checked my email in a while.

  3. Won't you have to change your name next year?

  4. Another very good source of info on aribrushing is at There is a section for Airbrushing Textile and Leather. Lots of good people willing to help with answers.
  5. Nice job! I like pancake style sheaths/holsters. I have been working on a similar one for myself, hope it looks as good as yours. I plan to post a photo when finished.
  6. fortysomething

    old pan seat but is resurected

    That was my thought too! Very . Welcome.
  7. That is a beautiful sheath. Great work!
  8. fortysomething

    Mexican Loop holster

    Beautiful work. I especially like the color.
  9. fortysomething

    new design for a guitar strap

    I really like that strap. Great job!
  10. Not all airbrush compressors run quietly. Most any compressor will power an airbrush since the operating pressures are so low (usually less than 30psi and often less than 20psi). Large compressors can run an airbrush for a while before they need to recharge the tank, so the noise is not constant. Also, larger compressors with large tanks can be plumbed remotely, if you have the space. One suggestion is to place the pressure regulator as close to the airbrush as is practical for the greatest control. I have mine at the union between the airbrush hose and the compressor line (on larger spray guns I place the regulator right on the inlet for the gun). This helps to ensure that the pressure at the airbrush is what you set and allows for pressure loss is the line between the compressor and the tool. If you choose to use a moisture trap, it will be most effective if placed far enough down-line from the compressor to allow any moisture in the line to cool and condense. I hope this helps.
  11. You might take a look through these pages.
  12. fortysomething

    best way to hide/repair a scuff

    Well, the shoe polish worked great. Our son grabbed his jacket and did a double take. He had to look fairly close to see the repair. Thanks again.
  13. fortysomething

    redo my seat, passenger seat, and both back rests

    There is a site for wood carving patterns designed by Lora Irish called 'Classic Carving Patterns' ( Lora has developed many patterns of many different things including dragons (Asian and Western). They must be purchased, but under the purchase agreement the patterns may be used and products sold as long as the patterns themselves are not sold (I hope that makes sense -- the terms of use are listed near the bottom of each web page). The site is a great resource and is worth checking out for anyone in need of a variety of patterns.