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  1. There's 3 Western Electrics, and a Necci somewhere.
  2. It's a 12 x 36 lathe. I'm looking for something with torque at all speeds. It had a huge 1hp Japanese motor from the 80's on it. I'd like something lighter and quieter.
  3. I want to run a DC servo motor on my 12 inch lathe. I need a 1hp motor with a knob speed control and a simple off on switch.
  4. It's a small, domestic DC motor, a speed controll with a knob, a power supply, and an off/on pedal.
  5. Will a machine sew when reversing the motor? Also, if so, do any of the motors have remote reversing?
  6. I'm trying to install this foot pedal and the rest, but I don't recall how. Machines been packed away for a couple years. Yup, can't post pics. A pedal, a DC speed controller, a power supply.
  7. I was going to mount a larger pulley on the machine, with a hand wheel on that. Shaft is metric, and couldn't find the right bushing for the pulley. I'll give up untill I'm settled and can set up my lathe.
  8. That's kind of a sweet set-up. I like it, and it would fit. Hmmn...
  9. Wondering if someone can point me toward a smaller DC motor, power source and speed control, to mount behind a smaller machine, but on top of the table? I am needing more oomph than a regular sewing motor (1.5amp AC motor) will give, and want to the lower speed and better power of a DC motor.
  10. Ya-Ma-Ta, rhymes with Ta-Ma-Ta. Was new to me also. Been fixing and tuning my mothers half dozen sewing and 2 serger machines. Made me want one... Also found a lust for old 6 drawer treadle sewing cabinets, so going to mount my Pfaff 332 and the serger on two, and the Seiko on another, if I can.
  11. Bought a Yamata DCZ-503-D3 serger. Basically new, no wear at all. Need some help. Anyone know where I can get a users and service manual for it? I don't even know what oil to put in it. I want to run as compact of a motor as possible, and wondered what servo motor would fit the bill?
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