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  1. By the way, I just wanted to add that I've been browsing through this forum and it seems like a great community. I was never into leatherworking in the past beyond a few Boy Scout merit badge projects, but I could use a good hobby. This feels like a fun way to bring out my under-developed 'artistic' side, and I think I'll be coming up with some projects soon. Thanks again to everyone for their helpful advice.
  2. A few more beauty shots! One additional thing I did was cover the shoes completely with black polish. Then I used a rag and some rubbing alcohol to strategically remove the black finish in select areas to allow the cordovan to show through. Then I polished the entire boot with neutral (clearish) wax.
  3. Thanks for all the advice everyone! I did everything suggested in this thread and they're coming along great!
  4. Thanks, will do. Not the look for me, I'm afraid! These will be worn with jeans. These were the boots I looked at buying: ...but they're $458, and more pointedly, made by Kenneth Cole (everything I've owned by K.C. has fallen apart in under a year). The jump boots are $160, can be re-soled by a cobbler, and can probably last the rest of my life (and the KC boots are probably inspired by the jump boot in the first place).
  5. Thanks everyone! I have ordered some antique gel, cordovan polish, and neatsfoot oil.
  6. Thanks guys! One question - what's NF oil? Google is failing me here.
  7. Did I mention I wanted to do it in a shorter timeframe than 60 years?
  8. Hello all! Newbie here, with a question! Nothing overly involved or complicated here. I want to do something fairly basic, I think. I want to make these boots: ...look like this: These are the same type of boot: a WW2-era paratrooper 'jump' boot. The company that makes the new boot is the same company that made the original (Corcoran) and they are identical. I've read that I can get the 'creased' look by binding up the boots and soaking them in cold water for a day. Any advice on the coloring? Should I be dyeing, or using oils or waxes to tan the leather? Tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
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