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    Most of all looking to learn leather work applications, carving, pictorial, creative objects belts, sandals etc. Previously we've enjoyed cabinetry, old American Colonial furniture, old English paneled doors, wood carving, chip carving.jewelry boxes, music boxes. Rebuilt and restored an old 1840 farm house.General and mosaic tile work. Stonework, fireplaces.Vegetable gardening, fruit orchard, vineyard management.

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  1. Looking to pick up a Craftool #560 and I see you have one. How can we go about obtaining it from you? Grampajoe perojoseph@gmail.com
  2. Hi, I'm new so bear with me, as a retired pharmacist we can tell you that Rubbing alcohol is 70% isopropyl alcohol and the rest water. A number of contributors recommended rubbing alcohol to thin out oil dyes. I had my doubts as we remember oil and water don't mix. Sure enough we found bits of dye being deposited on the sides of the pallette rejecting the water. Denatured alcohol works just fine.Ethanol is pure white lightening. One advantage to using that is when you are seeing your projects turn out really disastrous you can always take a swig to ease the pain. Best Grampa Joe
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