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  1. THE PRINCE ARMORY ACADEMY x WEAVER LEATHER GIVEAWAY IS LIVE! Prince Armory Academy and Weaver Leather are teaming up to give thousands worth of digital patterns, merch, & leather tools! New prizes may be added according to number of entrants so share this with your friends! Grand Prize (One Winner): $1000 Prince Armory Academy Credit! Premium Leather Crafting Tools From Weaver Leather! Fantasy.Vision T-Shirt! (Winner's Choice) Weaver Leather Beginner Kit Weaver Leather Merch! Prize #2 (Three Winners): Fantasy Armor Digital Apprenticeship Bundle from Prince Armory Academy! Beginner Leather Crafting Kit From Weaver Leather! Fantasy.Vision T-Shirt! (Winner's Choice) Weaver Leather Beginner Kit Bonus Weaver Leather Merch! Prize #3 (Ten Winners): Various Prince Armory Academy Patterns! Weaver Leather Beginner Kit
  2. Hello, Not sure if this is OK to post here or not. Prince Armory (Leather armor videos and patterns) and Weaver Leather have teamed up to have a contest to give away armor patterns and Weaver Pro Tools. Please follow the link below to register for your chance to win. If it is not OK to post, please remove or ask me to remove. https://swee.ps/RolaB_FIuvaWE Thanks, Jared
  3. I had a someone help me dial some settings in to slow the machine down slightly and get a little more used to the pressure of the pedal. After that was done, I installed the box speed reducer. I had a few problems, but easily remedied (table too too low, light getting in the way). Once the new belt was installed i gave it a test run. I thought there would be a slight improvement on speed.... I was wrong. It was like night and day. Even on the fastest setting, I could have control over speed. Thanks forthe advice Wiz!
  4. I did not know about a box style reducer. I talked with my local sewing machine repair place and he made it sound like installing a speed reducer was wrong since I already had a servo motor and he wouldn't do it. That is why I was hoping someone in the group might. This option sounds much better and easier. When I go to the supporting dealer sites, what do I look for? Speed reducer box? Thanks
  5. Hello, I am looking for someone in the Chicagoland area to install a speed reducer for a Yamata walking foot sewing machine. I have a servo motor, but the machine is still going faster than what I would like it to. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Jared
  6. I have a bunch of 8-9 oz Belly's that I'm not sure what to make out of them. Any suggestions?
  7. I made some leather armor and now I am getting some white residue on it. I'm not sure if it is mold or what. I have not had this problem with any of my other leather items. Any ideas on what it is or how to get rid of it? I used neatsfoot oil, Eco-Flo Professional Waterstain, mink oil, and sno proof Thank you for your help
  8. Is there anywhere that you can get a "craft aid" made? I have a pattern I am using all the time and it is time consuming to trace over the pattern every time. I would prefer to just imprint the pattern.
  9. I live in the midwest and I am setting my space to do my leatherworking out in the garage. It is not temperature controlled and may be exposed to high and low temperatures. Is there an issure storing my leather out there? I plan to keep my dyes inside my apartent since I know they cannot be frozen. Thanks, Jared
  10. I am working on a piece of leather armor and want to have a belt that has a piece that hangs down in the front and leather "plates" that cover the legs. My question is whether it would be better to use a soft veg tanned leather or regular veg tanned leather. My concern with the regular leather is hardening the leather and it being too stiff to walk/sit in. My concern about soft leather is that it may not hold the shape around the legs. In the front, I would think the soft leather would work better since that will likely need more bend in order to sit down and will move easier while walking. I do plan to use 8-9 oz. leather for the belt portion and am thinking about using strap/buckle or some sort of hardware to hold the hanging pieces to the belt so that I can detach the pieces if I choose to do so. I hope this is clear enough of a picture for what I am trying to do, if not I can try to clarify. Jared
  11. I am new to leather working and I am interested in building leather armor for costuming as well as accessories. What I would love is to have a mentor to work on projects with and teach me the tricks of the trade. I am in the North Suburbs of Chicago. Please contact me at eatonjar@gmail.com.
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