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  1. still looking for equipment? I have just about everything you're looking for, and im in NH -Andrew
  2. I understand that, what is most common for carpets? Looking for FAA approved binding for this exact application.
  3. What size binding tape does this binder use? what has everyone used? Poly? Cotton? Sunbrella? Looking to do some carpet applications -Andrew
  4. I just bought one from Sergey at Sewpro and its the top and bottom feed style machine. He adds second continually running motor for the blade, then the feed is off a normal servo sewing machine motor, makes so much more sense, I wouldn't have wanted just the one motor to run all of it!
  5. I have a standard rivet #2 one that i would sell that's on a base, but i'm all the way in NH. but id want to sell these "Bowtie" browband chain links, and dies that I have. Bought 1,000 chrome and 1,000 brass. I have the loop iron and driver part as well as a bag of ss powder coated black staples -Andrew
  6. I have a Fipi FP20 which is giving me some trouble. I took the off the back of the head and the switch isn’t wired, and there are spare and extra wires. I was wondering if anyon can send me a picture of the back of their machine, or you have a wiring diagram. I’ve called around with no luck! Thanks InAdvance andrew
  7. What model Fipi? FP 20 by chance? I need a picture of the back head of how a switch is wired if it is! If you can help me out that would be awesome!
  8. I can’t get the timing right on my juki 341, does the tip of the hook cross the flat spot on the needle on the way up??
  9. I have a juki 441 also, plus I have a juki 341 that Ferdco did over as a 808 (I think) base machine is great, and ferdco did a good job setting them up. You can adjust for all the different feet, feed dogs, needle plates ect. Servo motor would be a well worth it investment, fair price id say
  10. Looks really nice! I’m assuming you cut all the curves free hand? Raised the patent on the drops and the breaching top? Did you use tufting on the saddle? You didn’t cut any corners on this one! Where are you getting your patent? -Andrew
  11. Beautiful machine, how much does the head weigh crated up?
  12. What’s the needle plate that’s on the throat plate, next to the machine on the table?
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