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  1. awharness

    1998 Ferdco/Juki Pro 2000

    I have a juki 441 also, plus I have a juki 341 that Ferdco did over as a 808 (I think) base machine is great, and ferdco did a good job setting them up. You can adjust for all the different feet, feed dogs, needle plates ect. Servo motor would be a well worth it investment, fair price id say
  2. awharness

    Pony Harness

    Looks really nice! I’m assuming you cut all the curves free hand? Raised the patent on the drops and the breaching top? Did you use tufting on the saddle? You didn’t cut any corners on this one! Where are you getting your patent? -Andrew
  3. awharness

    Randal Model 132 Strap Cutting Machine For Sale

    I have one of these I would sell
  4. awharness

    Campbell Randall NSB wanted

    Hey Don, I sent you an email
  5. awharness

    BUSMC #6 HM (Head + Bobbin winder) - I can ship

    Beautiful machine, how much does the head weigh crated up?
  6. awharness

    Campbell Bosworth Stitcher for sale

    What’s the needle plate that’s on the throat plate, next to the machine on the table?
  7. awharness

    Ferdco 6/6 $750

    Do you still have this machine for sale?
  8. So there is the full set of 8? Sharpening rods included for all of them?? Have you sharpened the ones you've used at all?
  9. awharness


    Yes!!! He will be down there Saturday but makes runs to Ocala all winter
  10. awharness


    I'm headed from NH to Harrisburg pa in a couple weeks, could also put this on a truck and trailer headed to Ohio, Midwest and even buffalo NY area!
  11. awharness

    Campbell/Randall sewing machine

    Just wondering if anyone has an edge guide for sale, i ordered one a couple of months ago but its been on back order from Campbell Bosworth. Just worth a check again on here! -Andrew
  12. awharness


    Where in Canada? I can get this beast to buffalo area no problem! Can't help on the exchange rate though!
  13. awharness


    I have a 20" artisian splitter all set up with a motor and stand on wheels. works well, i'm a harness maker. I don't need anything this wide! $1,750 im located in NH but can help arrange shipping via horse transporter across the country, I haven't sharpened the blade or butchered it at all. I've only stropped and buffed it!
  14. Hey, just picked up a Campbell/Randall stitcher, it's in great shape, has a ton of extra parts, but I'm looking for a few things! - material edge guide -razor feet to sew rolled reins with the throat plate - step up, pricker feet I know I end up collecting extra parts for all the machines I have, just looking to see if anyone has anything out there! -Andrew
  15. awharness

    Suitable core for Riding Crop

    A crop has a much different action than a "buggy whip" I sell a lot of Westfield whips, and have been to the factory many times. Westfield is the oldest whip manufacturer in the world, and makes a superior products. Their cores are predominantly fiberglass, depending on the application. Traditionally they were made of whale bone (baleen) they would put rattan on the outside and wrap the core with linen and laqour them. A crop, or the shorter bat typically has less action and at one point they would have been made of holly wood, ewe wood, or bamboo even.during the industrial revolution souther plantation owners would also have what they referred to As a "walk trot stick" used with saddlebreds. It is fashionable for carriage whips with a drop lash to be made of these traditional woods as well. With the carriage whips finished, unwrapped with a plaited thong that has a baleen tip with a split goose quill and "whip stitched" top is what you normally see. The lash will go anywheres from 1/3- 1 1/2 of the way down the shaft, depending on the turn out. The lash must reach the shoulder of the furthest horse. The materials change with the times. Goad sticks and whips for oxen can be made from white ash, as this is a popular hobby still in New England I still see kids running around the local fairs whipping on each other. Be resourceful for that right feel, a lot has to do with personal preference. Carriage whips are all about balance, from carbon fiber to holly whips, balance is paramount. with a crop, it's more used to encourage, maybe a little spank, but the rider has the option to use seat, and legs to cue the horse.