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  1. you might try Proleptic.net. They used to carry them , not sure if they still do.
  2. I get my leather and a lot of supplies from Weaver in Ohio.I get some things from Tandy in Canada but have not been happy with their leather for quite some time.Weavers is usually pretty quick and have never ,had any issues with the leather that they sent.I do not know of any other suppliers in Canada.
  3. I too have a small GOMPH.It is 3.25 tip to tip.I don"t use it a lot but it sure is sharp and I really like it.
  4. I have a Juki 555 and use it to sew light horse blankets.It is not for leather though I have sewed very light leather on it.
  5. I get mine from Weavers.I had tried some from Tandy but they don't compare to the ones from Weaver.I don't know of any other place in Ontario.
  6. That is a champion stitcher. it is a hook and awl machine.I have one similar to that but without that stand. That would be an original stand to it. I'm not sure how old yours is. I think it is older than the one I have. These machines will only stitch leather. My machine will stitch about 7/8 of an inch. It can be hard to get parts for them but I think there are still lots of them being used.I have stitched saddle skirts , breast collars and a lot of other tack on them.They are a brute to move though.
  7. i have a old champion 30  and it worked then all at once the bobbin thread want be tight i have no Manual  or have never talked to any one that has one ----any help or advise or where any one that had a manual could make me a copy of how to adjust bobbin  

    1. HBARK


      I'm not sure why  that would happen.I don"t have a manual.Bob at Toledo Sewing Machines has a number of these machines.He may be able to help or may even have a manual.sounds like the bobbin thread is pinched or caught on something.sorry I can"t be of more help.






    2. beranch


      thanks --i have talked to cowboy bob no luck ---went to shop today put piece scrap in sew it the best worked great today ---i don't  know how to adjust switch or anything -- i will keep asking about a manual --and looking in shoe shops that may still be using one of the old beast --thank you for you time BE

  8. I have a champion machine almost identical to that,but I only have the head.Mine is on a Landis stand and runs off a motor.Mine stitches very well and I used it for almost 20 years.I bought a cowboy 4500 so now it doesn't get used much.I bought the new one only because the champion can only stitch leather,not nylon.it is of course a hook and awl machine.I wish I had the base that you have.that is really nice.
  9. I only paid HST. I showed them the bill of sale and they were good with that.I also had one of his adds from the Harness Shop with me.They looked at it but I didn't really need that.
  10. I bought a 4500 off Bob a few years ago and drove to Toledo to pick it up.I wanted to see the ins ands outs of it and see how it worked.I took it back across the boarder and only had to pay HST.If I had stayed 24 hours they said they could allowed some off.There was no problem at all.I was only stopped maybe 20 min.They were real good to deal with. Bob was great to deal with and I was glad I took the time to go and meet him.
  11. I have a saddle I bought back in 1988 that is stamped Billy Cook made for Cletis Hulling. I guess he had different saddle makers making saddles for him. I have never heard of Cletis making saddles .
  12. where are you in Canada? I would be interested in chap dies and the sort if that is what you have. I'm located in Ontario
  13. I have a 151 and have stitched lots of belts and other things on it. Mine has a roller foot, I bought it that way. I like that foot. Mine will sew 10 oz but not more. I have a cb4500 for larger size. I have had the 151 for almost 20 years and have had no real problems. The only time I have had trouble is when I try to stitch more than it can handle. Overall has been a good machine. i
  14. what other tools and equipment do you have? I am in Ontario as well and might be interested in some of your things.
  15. I spent a number of days with Ray in Palatka Florida back about 1985. I had him make me a 13 ft Florida stock whip which I still have.He wasn't able to braid it real tight because of his health but it is still good. I use it to do a wrap up in my whip act. There was another guy that was good friends with him, he hung around there a lot, that I heard ray was going to leave his things to but I can't remember his name. Ray was training dogs and working cattle when I was there. The last I heard he was in a home and I never got back to see him. This probably doesn't help you much but it was interesting to see someone inquiring about him.
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