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  1. I found a guy on Instagram that uses a few Durkopp machines in his leatherwork. I talked with him and he helped me figure out what thread and needles to use. Below are some pictures he sent. Maybe the pictures of the shuttles will be of help to you. His machine is the only other one that I’ve seen that has the same top tension mechanism as mine although my needle plate area looks like the 17-1-0? If anyone has a shuttle for sale let me know.
  2. Thanks for the pictures. The little circle that you ask “what’s this” I believe that can be turned to help keep the shuttle and bobbin in place. What thread are you using? Your last picture it looks like the tension spring is missing from your shuttle.
  3. Wow that’s great. I’ll be interested to see some pictures of it. Did yours come with the shuttle and bobbins?
  4. Sorry I can’t be of more help as to what that part does but that is a picture of my Landis 16 machine. It was on there when I got it. I ordered a few parts for this machine from Eli. He was pretty much the only person around that I found that new anything about these machines or had parts for it.
  5. Hi Glenn, keep me posted if you end up getting any hooks that will work. I’d be very interested in getting the correct hook and bobbin so I can actually put this machine to work. Thanks!
  6. I'm also curious if someone can help me with threading this machine. I don't know what you call it but there is the part that is next to the spool holders. It looks different than ones that I have seen on other Durkopp 17 machines. I'm not really sure how you thread it or if it's even pointing in the correct direction.
  7. I finally finished up the restoration of this old Durkopp patcher machine. It didn’t have the shuttle and bobbins when I got it. I’ve tried to use the singer 29k shuttle. I was able to get it to fit but it isn’t working correctly. Not sure if the timing is off or what’s going on. Anyone willing to part with an extra durkopp 17 shuttle and bobbin?
  8. I just picked up this old patcher machine locally. After doing some research on this site I believe it to be a Durkopp 17. There is no logo on it anymore but you can faintly see some writing on it. If you get it in the right light you can see it use to have the filigree on it. Maybe it's still there just under a layer of paint? Not sure how to go about taking just a layer off to see if I can recover it or just repaint it. After doing some research it looks like parts are not going to be available for this from what I've read. It looks to be mostly complete minus a few springs and odds and ends. Does anyone have shuttle and bobbins for this machine? I know you can supposedly grind down a Singer 29 shuttle. I ordered one to try but haven't received it yet. If anyone has one laying around though I'd be interested. My plan is to restore it and use it for sewing little things like patches on hats. Does anyone have a picture of the foot tension knob that would be on the back? I'll need to make one and having a picture of what it looks like would be helpful. I did locate the manual for this but it was in German. I went ahead and translated it all with google translate and the help of our German Nanny. Is there somewhere I can upload that? It may be to large to upload here. I'll see if I can reduce it's size some way. Thanks for any help and I'm sure I'll have more questions along the way.
  9. I am using the landis 16 machine which is why I figured I should just continue this post. I do want to make a piece for the back to help guide the thread off the spool. There is suppose to be a guide but my machine is missing it. It really could be any of the things you mentioned being that I got this machine used with an unknown history. I do have the manual and will double check a few things.
  10. I'm hoping someone can help me out with my machine. I'm working on stitching up a seat and the top stitch looks fine but the bottom is super loose. It's like it isn't pulling the bottom tight. When I try it on a straight practice piece it is stitching fine it's only when I try to stitch the seat. Sorry for the crappy picture. It was the only one I took before cutting the stitching back out. Thanks for any help anyone can provide. I'm hoping I can get this figured out. The section that did stitch correctly looks great.
  11. I agree. I'll have to have my wife hold the camera next time instead of me holding it while stitching.
  12. I finally got most of the parts together to get the Landis 16 up and running. Still needs some tweaking but makes a tight stitch. Thanks everyone for their help with the info. Hopefully I'll get some projects posted soon that I've used the Landis on. IMG_6020.MOV
  13. I know these old machines require a lot of oiling. Does anyone recommend a certain kind of oil that should be used on these old machines? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the help everyone. I just spoke with Eli Schlabach and he is going to be sending out a few parts. Hopefully once I get the parts I can get it up and running. I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes.
  15. I don't really know much about sewing machines especially industrial ones. I picked up this Pfaff sewing machine. The tag on the back of the machine says 483-944/07 900/51-BL. After doing some research on this site it looks like the machine is setup for a Teledyne AMCO variostop. I'm not really sure what that is or what it does? I'm assuming some kind of air assisted control. The table that came with the sewing machine doesn't have that system. It has a Rex clutch sewing motor mounted under the table. The sewing machine doesn't appear to fit on the table either. I'm guessing these are two different parts that don't go together. Can these machines be run just as a basic machine with the clutch motor even with the AMCO variostop stop stuff attached to the machine. I'm looking to to vinyl and light leather upholster with the machine. The motor still works when I plug it in. Would it work to just get a new table top and mount the sewing machine and connect it to the clutch motor? Or should I just sell all of it and try to pickup a nice walking foot? Just trying to figure out what to do with it. I've seen some of these that have the knee lift attachment. Is that something that can be added. Thanks for any help. Like I said I don't know much about these machines and haven't had much luck finding info online.
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