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  1. Any of the Horseshoe brand tools are great. I have quite a few various tools from Jeremiah Watt and they are all really good tools. I have some of the Weaver brand punches and they are very nice and arrive very sharp. You will notice an immediate difference between them and the tools Tandy sells. Nick
  2. Thank you for posting this. I really enjoy seeing the work that goes into cowboy boots.
  3. YOWSA!!!!!! That is an incredible piece of craftsmanship!
  4. I have the set mentioned on the front of the catalog, it was a great deal! I like these tools a lot!
  5. Here is a pic of the first sheaths I have made in my new shop. I am slowly but surely getting my new shop set up. My next project is a 4' x 8' work table. Thanks for looking, Nick
  6. Monica, I too have a Cobra Class III sewing machine. I have has a few problems with mine as well. What I have discovered, for me anyway, that problems like that are usually something I did. What I usually do is step back, rethink my thread and needle combination, change out needles and re-thread the machine, and sew on some scrap leather until I have the problem figured out. If that doesn't work I do the only thing I can, CALL STEVE! Good Luck, I feel your pain. Nick
  7. Johanna, I sent you a PM please add me as well. Nick
  8. Here are some pics of some knife sheaths I completed recently. Below are some pics of a couple of sheaths I completed recently. Sometimes I like to hand sew, rather than use my machine. Both sheaths in these pics are made from a double tanned saddle skirting developed for custom saddle makers and finished with Fiebings Aussie Leather Conditioner which contains a large amount of bees wax. I left the edges undyed and simply burnished and sealed them with bees wax. The top sheath is hand-sewn using 7 cord linen thread. The bottom sheath I sewed using my machine. Some additional pics
  9. Nice Work!! If you are going to be inspired by other sheath makers Paul and Sandy are the two to emulate. Both of them are awesome leather workers and fine gentlemen to boot. Nick
  10. I have hand sewn quite a few belts made from two layers of 8oz saddle skirting and yes it is a pain in the butt. I am, however, glad I made them. After making a few belts, sewing almost any other project by hand is a breeze. Even though I now use my sewing machine for belts and knife sheaths, I know that I can hand sew anything and do it to a high standard. I will probably hand sew another belt for myself before the holidays. I have built a stitching horse of sorts just for stitching and finishing belts that makes life a lot easier. I mainly use it now to hold belts in place for finishing the edges. It's the big "T" shaped thing on the left. I don't use an awl to punch holes however. I use a large needle chucked in my drill press and make the holes that way. The needle does not cut the leather like a drill bit would and it makes perfect holes. I have, by trial and error, determined which size needles work best with which size threads. By pre-punching my holes and using my "stitching horse" I am able to hand sew a belt fairly quickly with a lot less trouble. Using a quality linen thread, properly waxed, in the correct size holes, makes a really nice tight hand stitch. I have never had a problem once I settled on the method that works for me. Not everyone will agree with my sewing method but I think you have to find what works for you. Happy Sewing, Nick
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