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  1. My first time working on a book cover. I am quite happy with the way it turned out.
  2. Thank you, that helps a lot. I am just waiting for my hose to arrive, then my bag will be finished.
  3. I am purchasing my first airbrush in the next couple of days (badger model 250), and would like some help with knowing the mixture ratio to use my fiebings white latex dye. I have also heard that mixing with rubbing alcohol instead of water is a good idea for dry times and even coating, as well as keeping your brush clean. Any veteran airbrush users with advice out there for me?
  4. My first attempt at a couple of bottle harnesses for my plague doctor costume. More to come as I get more materials.
  5. I actually already made a smaller scale one, I may make it deeper. I have not learned stitching yet, but intend on making another when I learn. That is my next step. Thank you for the critiques, I will keep it in mind
  6. alright, I have been designing a bag and was wanting people's opinions on my design. I have a few drawn ideas and a graph for sizing. Please let me know what you think. I will be using Hermann Oak tooling leather for sturdiness (4-5 oz) and rivets. I am not comfortable with stitching yet and don't have the money for the materials at the moment. Any criticism helps, thank you.
  7. thank you, does anyone know if it is a good call to dilute it then use a foam brush to apply?
  8. thank you, I have ordered a bottle of fiebing's white acrylic dye. I plan on taking my time and thinning it out. Does anybody know what type of leather to use for the harnesses? What thickness should I use?
  9. I am hoping for durable. I plan on using it for conventions and costume parties
  10. Would using a sponge brush help with the streaking? Also, what thickness should I go with for the bottle harnesses?
  11. I have heard really bad things about penetrating white dyes, especially Fiebings. Can anybody confirm/deny this?
  12. I recently bought leather belt blanks and would like to dye them white. I am very new to leather working and would like to know if it is safe to use acrylic dye on something like a belt. It is for a costume and won't be going through any belt loops on pants. I am also hoping to make white belt accessories, such as small harnesses for bottles and am unsure what kind of leather (I don't want suede) I should use if I am going to use acrylic dyes. I am attaching pics of items similar to what I hope to craft. Thank you in advance for your help.
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