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  1. 6 Vintage Leather Stamps Four early pre-letter Craftools, Two RBS (Roth, Barnes, Stohlman). Craftool Co. : 222, 708, 714, 853, RBS : 113, 300 $48.00 Shipped
  2. 6 Vintage Leather Stamps Four early pre-letter Craftools, Two RBS (Roth, Barnes, Stohlman). ITEM # LWT-22 $48.00 Shipped Craftool Co. 222, 708, 714, 853, RBS 113, 300
  3. Eleven early pre-letter Craftools, three RBS (Roth, Barnes, Stohlman). $100.00 Shipped Craftool Co. 100,103 1/2, 104, 212, 222, 359, 708, 710,714, 853, 888 RBS 113, 300, 889 Email: cyrus@cyruskemp.com
  4. I am leaving leather working, so I have no need for additional round knives. Thank you for your interest. Cyrus
  5. Craftool set #8140 is in very nice, clean condition! Original box missing label with shelf wear and tape marks. This set was discontinued and is very rare! Each individual stamp has unique medieval scroll work and Celtic braiding. These are large, bold 3/4" characters. $95.00 + $10.00 Shipping cyrus@cyruskemp.com
  6. Very nice tools! First thing you should do is remove all rust before you use them.. DO NOT USE CHEMICALS or Sand Paper to remove the rust. Use a razor blade to scrape away heavy rust then a small fine wire brush and steel wool. When all rust is removed clean with something like 409, rinse very well and dry with a cloth followed by a hair dryer. Do not get the wood handles wet. Clean the wood handles with a soft cloth and give them a light rubbing with some oil designed for wood. Finish things off with a good paste wax made for autos. Wax the wood and metal, let dry and buff with soft cloth. They will be good for another 100 years.
  7. Sometime back I posted some info and pictures of some un-plated and some unmarked,Craftool and RBS, stamps. http://leatherworker...32 As it turns out about half (30+) of these stamps were really stamp blanks in various stages of completion. I now have some time to deal with these stamps and thought that many of you might like to see how these stamps were made, It may give you some insight for your own stamp making. You can see that this blank is cast and was for making the #455 Craftool shown next to it. Three of the blanks were not knurled and the rest of the blanks were either un-marked or stamped with Craftool or RBS and numbers. All of these blanks came from the same source at the same time so I would think that this shows that the Craftool and RBS stamps were being made at the same facility at the same time. I would like to here what the advanced collectors of these tools think about the fabrication process based on these blanks in various stages of completion.
  8. I recently acquired some early Craftool, RBS and unmarked stamps that are not and never were plated. The early Craftool and RBS stamps have no letter designation with thenumbers and the unmarked stamps have no numbers on them. I would like to knowat what point the Craftool and RBS stamps started being plated? Would anyone venture a guess as to value of these stamps, as I may be putting them up for sale sometime in the future. Here are a few of the fifty plus un-plated stamps I acquired. The kick or lift is one of the best I have ever used and I have copied it for my own tools. Three of the unmarked stamps below they leave excellent sharp marks.
  9. Good Start! Suggestions and observations: 1. Your carving looks as if the leather might have been too wet or your swivel knife a little dull from the pulling observed on the leather surface. 2. Your lines look a little choppy as if you are trying too hard to follow the traced lines of the pattern: make your cuts smooth and fluid and only use the pattern lines as a reference, and lighten your cuts as you come toward the flower center as if you were doing decorative cuts. Cut lines should never be the same depth from start to finish. 3. It helps to stamp your flower centers before you start to carve so you can carve to them. 4. I think the pattern is a little over tooled; I would back off on the pear shader. 5. You should also tapper the bevels to a lighter depth as you finish a line. Take a close look at the carving of the masters and you will observe the hints I have mentioned here and many more. Best to you
  10. I purchased it about 15 years ago from a gentleman that had made handbags with it years earlier and had it stored in his garage. I was going to use it for punching multiple holes all at once,setting snaps,rivets and studs. Never got the shop finished and now I am into other endeavors that make the foot press unnecessary for me.
  11. ghstrydr164

    Foot Press

    Vintage, Deep Throat, Heavy Duty Foot Presses allow you to keep both hands free to position Items and feed fittings. It works well while sitting or standing. Measures 38" to bottom die holder; it has a 9" deep throat, very heavy Cast Iron and works very smoothly. Comes with some guides and dies to show how simple it is to make set-ups for your needs. Because of size and weight I cannot ship this Item. Local pickup only Los Angeles, CA area, city of Monrovia. $350.00 Cyrus Cell: 626-422-5241 Email me
  12. The Boss is sold thank you all for your interest. Cyrus
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