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  1. after talking to bruce johnson, and seeing what he uses, I went out an bout some shelving and concrete form tubes from lowes. slide the tubes in the shelving from the end and slide the leather in the tubes. problem solved.
  2. as an up an coming tack maker, I use 5-6 oz vegtan, backed with 6-7 oz latigo. the vegtan can be dyed to the color you want, but just remember to seal it, otherwise you will have angry customers when their horse comes out a different color.
  3. boy was this helpful! I got my cobra today, got it all set up an ready to run, and started to fiddle with the settings on the motor. turns out I ended up reversing the direction on the motor, an couldn't figure out how to switch it back. this was a life saver! thanks
  4. Wondering how things are going with your new machines. Just bought my class 4 and expecting it here day after tomorrow. Owned a boss, an sold it quickly, since they're so finicky on adjustments and tuning.
  5. Barry was one of the first major tool suppliers I met when I first got into the leather industry. I was working with Tandy at the time an had only been there for 6 months. Met Barry in the lounge of shilo inn in Pendleton Oregon after the first day of the trade show. Bought him a drink, shot the crap for a while an said goodnight. The next day, at the trade show, I had decided I was gonna go buy a few of his tools. Went to his booth, and started looking. He remembered me, an made me a killer deal on a handful of tools. I didn't ask for it, he offered. He's a good guy, and can't wait to get more of his tools. If anyone out there is looking for quality tools, check him out.
  6. ive seen people sew them into horn covers for shipping or storing saddles. I personally trim the long hair off it an use it for applying bee naturals rudys and number one saddle oil. also for evenly applying dye.
  7. welcome aboard avenger! I agree with you about getting kids off the idiot boxes like xbox and wii an TV. this is why I became a boy scout leader. we have a program specificly for putting kids' hands on horses and saddles. it works!
  8. new style of key fob for me. posted it to FB an already got an order.
  9. I have alot of craftools but my go to tools will always be my barry kings. theyre spendy but worth it. I also have a wayne jeutske basketweave that I love.
  10. nice! all its missing is the bridle, saddle bags, rifle scabbard and lariat. then one might mistake it for a severe. well done! anyone that owns one of those should consider themselves fortunate! btw, how much do you sell them for?
  11. welcome havamal! what part of washington are you in? I am in vancouver, right across the river from portland oregon
  12. looks great, minus the fly. a word of advice: when you tool, try backing your leather before. this keeps it from becoming deformed, as seen in the middle pic with the black strap. I use masking tape or shipping tape before I case.works great, and comes off fairly easily. it leaves a fuzzy back, but when you dye your piece, it lays down no problem.
  13. beautiful piece! definitely alot of time in this one. congrats! it turned out awesome
  14. id be interested in this as well.
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