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  1. neilyeag

    How To Make Coin Conchos

    Very cool. Going to take a shot at also.
  2. neilyeag

    Key Fob

    I am using some "found" leather that is gosh been around for 15 years. Funny I did not notice the cracking till I took the pics. I want to use this leather up though. So I am trying to slather on a bunch of neetsfoot oil before any hard bending. I like it, but maybe not politically correct these days. OH well............
  3. neilyeag

    Gun Leather & stuff

    Both great. I like the second one. Simple but effective design.
  4. neilyeag

    Photos with my new light box

    I bought one as well and really like it. I am still playing around with camera settings to try to get it optimized.
  5. neilyeag

    Key Fob

    Just finished this from a pattern from Fischer Workshops. He has great content on You Tube and really nice patterns and templates.
  6. I bought some of the thread similar to the Amazon post as above. I make mainly small pouches and knife sheaths. The stuff works perfectly fine in my opinion.
  7. neilyeag

    Dye before burnishing?

    This is the same method I use. Always seems like good results. I like the final with beeswax, it softens and blends the color of the edges in my opinion.
  8. neilyeag

    Which needles for hand stitching

    Started also using the JJ 002 and what a huge difference. I too made the mistake at first of buying the JJ #2 size!
  9. neilyeag

    Problems with access to

    Access to the web site is also now blocked from Thailand. I tried to email customer service but no response.
  10. neilyeag

    Irish theme knife sheath

    Really nice.
  11. neilyeag

    leather stamping tools, price vs quality

    My opinion is that the Tandy pro tools are really quite nice and at the current sale price they are a real bargain.
  12. Thanks for the comments Brian. I am still having a heck of a time with the basket weave. Keeping straight and consistent depth ect. But this attempt was better then most! Will leave a little more edge width next time. I have seem the camo stamp done on this before. But actually I forgot about it.
  13. Tried something different with this one:
  14. neilyeag

    New Knife Sheath

    Yes some people might/could use it for a thigh tie. This sheath has a dangler carry so I guess if one was concerned about being stealthy a thigh tie could be employed. Truthfully for me for the most part, I just like the way it looks.