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  1. Attaching photos of a very interesting 12 strand rectangular braided bell collar. Bought at a market in Australia 35 years ago and the seller said it was from Botswana. Is there anyone who may be able to explain the braiding process or have an illustrated Guide? How is the rawhide treated by them prior to braiding? Would love to hear of any information.
  2. Thanks Rahere. Those Oblong Eyelets seem to have very limited manufacturers. The Stimson hand setting tool is a bit over USD 1000 and that price sure rocked my socks. I would have to make a number of goods that could use the oblong eyelet to justify it’s purchase. Don’t know if they are made in the Asian market. I assume you are more UK based as I checked out Leprovo and Batchelor. Could not find anything on Batchelor’s website. A screw version would be good, but I find it hard to find such an item on the internet. If you or any other members could point me in the right direction, I sure would appreciate it. Gary
  3. Thanks Rahere. I made an Enquiry at Stimpson’s following your reply. A bit shocked to learn of the cost of the hand setting tool. Probably great quality though
  4. Please see attached photo. I am wondering what name the metallic rectangular item with the round corners has. Who would stock these items? As the postage to Australia from America is exorbitant, I would like to source one locally, if possible. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Oh, that site has a lot of information on a whole lot of machines and brands. Thanks again Glenn.
  6. Thanks very much Glenn. I’ll check out that site. Gary
  7. Thanks Wizcrafts. You are so generous with your time answering forum questions. The parts manual is good but still looking for a downloadable instruction manual.
  8. Trying to find a manual for either of the above machines. Can’t seem to find one on the internet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Gary
  9. Thanks so much for your replies. At least I have now found out why the thread was getting broken in the bobbin area; it was a tension thing. The spindle that holds the thread spool is quite a bit smaller than the inside diameter of the thread spool. Also it was sitting on a small disc of a type of felt. I took that away and put in its place a small leather disc the size of the outside diameter of the thread reel. Before, it seems, the reel was binding and then would pull around quickly and that was the root of my problems. Now I have nice even tension coming off the reel. Think I will turn a piece of timber and slide it over the spindle so that the diameter of the inside of the reel matches the spindle more closely. Now I need to investigate why I cannot pick up the bottom thread when I fill the bobbin. At the moment I am cheating by pushing the thread up through the needle plate myself. Shoepatcher, I did buy a new Towa shuttle hook and matching carrier. Previously I have been able to pick up the bobbin thread after I replaced them but now it does not want to pick up the thread, but there is nothing wrong with sewing things. It is just picking up the bobbin thread when I have renewed it. As Kohlrausch and Constabulary pointed out it maybe a needle placement thing but then again I have not changed the needle position either. Is there a Youtube video around that shows how the patcher hook operates?
  10. I understand what you are saying but the machine was sewing beautifully, why did it change all of a sudden. Hook tip is new and needle is in same position . Why would the timing change? Also the thread is snapping off in the bobbin area. Could you please elaborate.
  11. Codes on the bottom of the reel are:- 5087 T32 N4067. Can you make any sense out of them? Of course they are Australian codes.
  12. I have been replacing the sewing thread in those tiny bobbins for sometime now. Yesterday, I changed to a slightly larger thread, but one I know is suitable for the machine and which sews perfectly. Tonight, when I renewed the bobbin thread it does not want to pick it up from below, despite many attempts. I am doing it as per the manual and as I have previously done. Any suggestions?
  13. I had some scrap timber lying around and the other day decided to make a table. Here is the finished project.
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