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  1. Hi Fognozzle, I am only responding since I see there is a reluctance to reply...maybe because sewing canvas and leather by hand is a challenging task which few would like to take on! I use a cylinder arm to stitch, but I am sure a straight sewing machine should also do the trick. Your reference to military style bags is right up my alley - I have started to re-purpose military bags by adding leather and reshaping it a bit. I have to caution that since I have done these projects the airlines in South Africa has started refusing round travel bags or bags with lengthy shoulder straps.
  2. Hi Charon, Email sent! Don't want to hijack this thread!
  3. Levins7, I have used a "pliable" deerskin for my laptop bag and I am pleased with the outcome. It was also my first attempt! The pics are not studio quality, but will give you an idea of the hide "performance" once the project is complete. If you don't like the "saggy" look then you need to use a stiffener or get proper veg tan hide. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi billybopp, The left hand blade was made from a saw blade - which has a hole for the shaft to go through. The maker probably used a DIY 4 1/2 inch circular saw blade to create that roundhead knife. I did something similar and used an old saw blade - DO NOT use carbide tungsten tipped ones. Old saw blades are almost always made from high quality steel. ... The blade is already the right hardness for holding an edge, so you don't need to treat the steel to make it a good knife.
  5. SheltataLore, Take a look at this jig - it might need some adjusting to suit your need! https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Woodworking-Sculpture-Carving-Knife-Shovel-Chisel-Fix-Angle-Sharpener-Clamp-Knife-Sharpening-Guide/32581260094.html
  6. Hi TerryHHI, What a GREAT find! I would definitely revamp that collectible...but not overdo it. Accept it is an old bag and replacing any leather won't add value. The black markings on the leather looks to me like the remnants of stickers that were pasted to the bag OR its possible that it could be printers ink that came of newspaper wrapped around the bag and it got wet. Useless piece of info - Tarzan (Johnny Weismuller - then olympic swimmer) was one of the main attractions at the Exposition! Please post pics once you have finished restoration.
  7. I have never tried making a top hat since I have no use or market for such a hat. As for the "best leather to use for a top hat" I think the shape requires a stiff type of leather like veg tan, but that could be very heavy to wear. I made a Greek hat from upholstery leather, which was a disaster and difficult to work with, the weight makes it uncomfortable to wear. My second attempt was done with "napa" leather and using a stiffener for support. It is much lighter and wears comfortably. If you are only going to make a top hat for the experience you could look at this thread http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Leather-Hat/ Enjoy the experience!
  8. Hi, This is where I would start searching for help! https://www.leathercraftlibrary.com/c-85-patterns-free-leathercraft.aspx?pagenum=2 https://www.leathercraftlibrary.com/p-1743-sheridan-floral-corner-and-belt-pattern-by-jim-linnell.aspx Good luck!
  9. I use Gumtree "activities and hobby" tab or the free section to get rid of pre-packed bags with usable pieces. I suppose if the bags have larger pieces you could price the bags! One man's junk is another one's treasure...
  10. It would probably have to be made from soft leather...and could realy have any bag shape with an outside pocket! https://www.shopwildandfree.co.za/products/kudu-leather-diaper-bag http://thediymommy.com/sew-a-leather-diaper-bag-and-diaper-clutch/
  11. Great work and detail...will just have to put this one on my "to do list" Realy inspiring!
  12. I have to agree with Dwight - specially if the skin contains wool and you use that as padding. At first the sheepskin will look great, but after a while oil and dust turns to grime in the wool and then the problems start!! if its just the skin (leather) then it would have to be tanned well and not attract moisture or rust becomes your biggest enemy. Not ALL leather is suitable for fire arms - I made a pouch for magazines and left the mags in the pouch. When I removed it a few weeks later I had to start removing rust marks from the mags.
  13. Great minds think alike...!! I've tried this with a 1,5 litre bag, but shaping it to the wine bag and sealing with a home sealer did not work. So I just stuck it inside the bag...the creases formed by a too big wine box bag held some wine back after use which oxidised and "contaminated" new wine added to the bag. So I have to replace the inner or seal the Bota bag. Maybe just buy a new one and use the old leather for another project...
  14. Sattendorn, I don't have a pattern, but if this could help you in any way....go for it and adjust the pattern as you see fit. https://sew4home.com/projects/storage-solutions/our-classic-safari-duffle
  15. Hi, Any one tried making these wine bags...or rather restore it? I can't seem to find any suppliers for the thick poly linings used in more recent bags. If you have other bright ideas to wine proof the inside, without giving the wine an after taste let me know!
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