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  1. I have 6 trees made by Chicago stockyards that I decided to go ahead and sell. I’ve built several saddles on them and like them but my current situation calls for wood trees. The wade is an older tree that was never built on and there is one association that was built on and lightly used, we put a shorter tree in that saddle but it was never roped out of and was taken care of. I think the maker was calling the gullets 6 1/2”, they measure about that or a touch shorter. I’ll take $350 for cable rigs and $300 for trees without cables except for the wade, I’ll take $250. The association with no horn I’ll do $275 and the used tree I’ll go $225. Give me a call if your interested or have questions. I’ll take care of shipping in the lower 48. Brandon 970-946-6060
  2. Dave sold out years ago and went back to OK. Boot Hill is now a taxidermist and meat processing shop. I have a saddle shop next door to them.
  3. I am looking to buy a sole stitcher that is located in a reasonable driving distance of Pagosa Springs, CO. Or anywhere in New Mexico or west Texas. I'm not looking for any particular machine but need something operational. 970-946-6060
  4. Ive been contemplating this exact same thing. From what I've read on 3d printers I don't see why it won't work, but I have zero experience with them. It would sure be handy to stick the customers pistol in a printer and have a dummy though!
  5. Try Out West Saddlery in Pagosa Springs, CO, USA. I think it is outwestsaddlery.com . He has alot of books and may very well have that one. I visit his shop occasionally if you need me to check for you but I think they are easy to get a hold of via email.
  6. I am looking to buy new or used poly trees made by Laporte saddle trees or Chicago stockyards. Especially those with a cable rigging. I mostly build on association trees but could use wades as well. I appreciate any inquiries. 970-946- six zero six zero
  7. Sounds like I'm a bit late to be of any help to you but to me it looks like part of the problem might be that there is still some clear finish on the saddle that is preventing the dye from penetrating.
  8. I sure might be interested. What is the pony tree? What would you take for just the laporte tree? If you wouldnt mind give me a call if you can. 970-946-6060
  9. Of course, I was able to get in contact with Tony Luberto and I ordered a copy of the video for the 900b. I cannot recommend Tony's service videos enough, it was very professionally done. All of the instructions were clear, the lighting and video quality was great and there wasnt any wasted time in the video. Im not sure what all machines he did videos on other than the bull but i would buy them in a heart beat if I ever acquire any other machines. The problems I was having are covered at http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=55780&hl= . Tony's number is (860) 564-8252
  10. I just wanted to update this post and let the community know that I did get my problems sorted out. Tony luberto called me back a few days ago, apparently they had switched phone carriers and weren't getting any of their calls or messages! Tony was very helpful and is a wonderful gentleman, very professional. I bought the service video that he did on the 900b and it is very, very informative, if anyone is on the fence about wether or not to get one of Tony's videos about on their machine take my advice and buy it! Even if you aren't currently having problems. Anyway i learned how to get the needle bar in time with the foot and also found that the reason it was fraying and cutting thread was that the needle was coming down too far away from the hook. Sometimes it would pierce the thread and sometimes it would miss the loop completely, resulting in a skipped stitch. A very simple fix but not one that i would have ever thought of on my own.
  11. I have been trying to contact Luberto's sewing machine company for a couple of weeks to no avail. Not sure what is going on with them but they had a service video set for the Ferdinand 900b sewing machine. If anyone has this video set and will part with it im in the market. Thank you!
  12. Thank you for the reply and the tip dirt clod, it will no doubt come in handy. Has anyone been able to contact luberto's sewing machine company lately?I double checked the number posted here earlier and it is one of the numbers listed on their website, i left a message on it a couple of weeks ago and haven't heard back. It is the only number that hasn't been disconnected, but it doesn say "you have reached tony or lubertos", just that the owner of the number is unavailable. Their email is no good either.
  13. Thank you everyone! Love the site and look forward to learning as muh as i can from it!
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