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  1. Willie0

    Bound book

    Instructable's website has some nice tutorials. They aren't necessarily traditional, but get the job done. https://www.instructables.com/id/Bind-a-Book-in-Tooled-Leather/ https://www.instructables.com/id/From-Paperback-to-Leather-Bound/ I have made a couple of books by cheating and attaching the tooled leather onto some that is thinner and more flexible.
  2. Thank you so much Wizcrafts. I will try this in the morning.
  3. I was wondering about this issue as well. My foot will not rise above 9/16th inches. However, the machine came with a "test stitching" block of leather 3/4 inches thick, which it will not come close to fitting under the feet now.
  4. Willie0

    Which locking method do you prefer

    If it is in a place no one sees or for a utility piece (like canvas repair) #2. If looks matter I leave the tails long and use needles.
  5. For that price plus the servo motor conversion you are getting sort of close to the price of a new one that has reverse.
  6. Willie0

    Snap Setting Issues

    The line 20's from Tandy and Springfield don't fit.
  7. Willie0

    Snap Setting Issues

    I am happy that I bought the Goldstar press for setting rivets, and feel it is a huge improvement for hand setting snaps. However, the snaps that they sell and fit it are just too darn cheap - they bend with use. I still need to buy another snap setting system that uses better quality snaps. So in the long run it will end up being more expensive than just buying something nice right from the start.
  8. I have an old treadle 66. I use it to sew on patches, using the hand wheel.
  9. Willie0

    Are sewing machines worth the money

    I have the 4500 and an old used singer. Have they paid for themselves? Not even close. Am I glad that I bought them? Heck yes. They probably will pay for themselves in the future if I get more creative on the business end, and the resale value is high enough where they certainly won't be a total loss. Money spent on good tools is an investment. It doesn't hurt if you actually like sewing and messing with the machines as much as I do.
  10. I have made quite a few stamps from nails. Granted most are pretty ugly, but some are really useful. I like the undercut bevelers better than my storebought ones. Also I use cheap clothespins to hold leather while gluing.
  11. Willie0

    Do you consider yourself an artist?

    An artist is creative and comes up with new and innovative original pieces. I can make something look artistic as all get out, but in my heart I know I am a craftswoman. Some people on this site can take leathercraft to soaring heights, they are artists. That is one of the reasons this forum is so wonderful.
  12. Willie0

    Cobra 4 backstitch problem

    My machine does this as well, especially with thinner leather. If it is a nice project I leave the thread really long and hand stitch backwards to lock them in.
  13. Willie0

    Leather Satchel

    This is a very nice design. Simple yet very useful. Love the pockets and closure.
  14. Thank you both so much for the help. The bent post was simple to put reasonably right again. I still need to tighten quite a bit on the upper tension to get the stitches right, but am very glad that they look good again. I can see the the cheap tension unit from ebay is not something that would be best to use, and will no doubt reference those very helpful videos many times in the future.