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  1. Shitty. I bought one of these from Buckskin maybe 6 months ago. It's still in the box. I hope my experience isn't the same as yours.
  2. Kevin Lee can make one for you. $75 or so
  3. Weird. This stuff is neatsfoot oil with some petroleum distillate (heavy parrafinnic) added to it. I'll have to try some.
  4. Get some alcohol (methly hydrate aka methyl alcohol) from the hardware store and dilute your dye 4:1, even 5:1. I apply one coat and then even things out with the second. Usually a third is not necessary, but you can do further applications to get it darker.
  5. Dye or Stain? This get's mixed up all the time. The Eco-Flo Waterstain is different from the water based dye. The waterbased dye is fairly easy to apply. Thin it out with water (or alcohol) and apply with a sponge on damp leather. Watch your leather harden up, buff the shit out of it, oil the shit out of it and massage it to soften it up and then buff it some more and then seal it. The waterstain is terrible and should not be used. But if that's your thing, thin it out with some water (maybe alcohol is fine) and apply with a sponge on damp leather. Don't let any of it dry until it's all done. If it needs oil you're kinda screwed, but maybe try oiling the flesh side as it won't penetrate the the waterstain. now that you've basically ruined your leather, you can try to make whatever item you had planned and watch it crack on tight bends and at your stitching holes.
  6. Thanks for doing that @JLSleather. I look forward to your report.
  7. They may have been worth it at one time since they were the best you could get, but there has been many new entrants and these new entrants are arguably much better than VB. So on a relative basis, I'd say they are not worth the price at all.
  8. B_Geisler makes a few comments in this thread:
  9. If it's just one pocket, I think it would be fine. but, if there are going to be several layers for multiple pockets/slots, then yeah it'll be too thick.
  10. My pigskin dyes just fine. Black interior of wallet: http://imgur.com/z1UsID2 Takes oil nicely too: http://imgur.com/YeiFo88
  11. Maverick usually has several chromexcel SHF and DHF available in 2-3oz. Sometimes they even have Dublin horse. Just give them a call and see what they have. They website isn't always up to date.
  12. Looks excellent! what is a "hidden edge-flesh stitch on a butted seam" exactly? On my one and only sword scabbard I did a butted seam. It was very difficult of get it butted up nicely and was rather uneven. Any tips?
  13. "American Made" There. problem solved. Other options: "Made in 'Murica" or "'Murican made"
  14. Dimicator just posted a scabbard that he is working on. He wrapped the core with leather flesh-side out (grain in) and then stitched along the edge and trimmed the excess. Then he removed the leather, moistened is and put it back on turning it so the seam is hidden. Thoughts? https://www.facebook.com/266934476773420/photos/a.445842678882598.1073741902.266934476773420/803076186492577/?type=3&theater
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