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  1. The 1st real cartridge pistol I purchased ,when I was a was but a pup of 21 years back in 1979, was a stainless Ruger.357 Security Six with a 4 inch barrel. Got brand new it at Furrs grocery in Lubbock TX for a whopping $150 out the door. RoughRider
  2. I am looking for Jim Simmons 1863 cavalry holster pattern #6000-62. Can't find it anywhere, the outfit that took over Hidecrafter doe not list it. Tried contacting Jim Simmons via PM with no luck, he has not been on the forum since March 31 2012 (I hope he is doing ok). I am interested in seeing what it looks like (iare the flap and belt loop separate parts from the holster body) and purchasing it. RoughRider
  3. Particle, Sent you a PM RoughRider
  4. Looking for a pattern for a flat sandbag (around 1" tall) with a filler spout that folds into a pocket. I'm wanting something to raise my storebought Protector brand rabbit ear rear sandbag rest when shooting my AK rifle. RoughRider
  5. Don101, Would it be possible to get a pattern for your J.S. Collins holster for a SAA Colt? Your Compadre in Cheyenne, Wyoming Dave
  6. Howdy from Wyoming, Tried to post a post earlier this week but it seems not to have taken for some reason. So here it goes again. My name is Dave and I hail from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Been into leatherwork since 1991 and my main interest is gunleather. Thanks, Dave
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