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  1. I am in the market for a leather sewing machine. I am thinking I would like the TechSew 2700 or the TechSew 2700 Pro. I am going to be sewing purses/wallets/bags etc. Any help or a word from someone more experienced in these machines would be great and help alot on my decision! Thanks Kristen
  2. I am looking into leather sewing machines - I want to get into making bags/purses/wallets - My question is what machine is the best for me to purchase? Anyone out there that can give me any advise that would be great! Thanks! Kristen
  3. Thanks for the information I really appreciate it. I have a Bernina 550 that sews through bluejeans pretty good (enough for mending) and it will do light weight leather as well but tends to skip stitches so I would like to get something a little more heavy duty. Debating if I should save the $150 on the zig-zag stitch and use that on the Monster II Balance Wheel for more precise stitches? I think that will probably be my route. Thanks Again - K
  4. What more do you get when spending the extra $150? Is it a better motor or just better machine in general?
  5. I am researching walking foot sewing machines for leather. I would love to get a Techsew 2700 but that is just not in my budget at the moment. So I am looking at a couple of portable walking foot machines that are within my price range. Sailrite Ultrafeed LS Consew CP206R BARRACUDA 2000U-33 I am new to the sewing of leather and I am looking to do possibly wallets and bags. If anyone can give me any advice or personal experience that would be great. Anything will greatly be appreciated. Thanks Kristen
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