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  1. I'm pretty sure the motor is toast. I can't seem to find anything else online talking about the symptoms. Thanks for the suggestion I'm highly considering it.
  2. Hello fellow leatherworkers, I need some help that perhaps one of you have been thru. I have a CB3200 from Cowboy that used the Enduro SM445-1 servo motor. a couple days ago I was sewing heavy 9 oz leather double stacked which normally the machine doesn't even bat an eye at. But something strange happened that felt like it jammed and it just stopped moving the needle. At first I thought the sewing machine internals got jammed or the timing was skewed. I felt when I spun the pulley manually like something was jamming it up but was skipping. after diagnosing I pulled the belt of the enduro pulley and when I spun it did the same thing that the machines pulley did so it definitely is coming from the motor. On the LCD display I also got an E1 error code. troubleshooting guide says to just power off the motor and if it goes away it was just a fluke but if it doesn't the circuit board needs to be replaced. Any thoughts on that? I found a replacement already but before I buy it just wanted to make sure it wasn't as basic as that and perhaps there is something else I can do. TIA
  3. Thanks for sharing the template. I have a friend that is a welder and I bet he would appreciate having one of these.
  4. I guess no one is going to mention the absolutely amazing skill it took to paint that face onto the buckle. It looks so real!!!
  5. I'm getting away from tooling, especially tiny nonsense. Eyes don't work as good as they used to and it makes my hands hurt to hold the swivel knife for too long.
  6. It is just a bias tape and I have successfully used (albeit still practicing) 1-2 oz ribbon leather thru it.
  7. I posted these pics on a different thread but thought I'd post this here to help anyone else trying to figure out how to attach a binder attachment to these machines. I first started with a 1/4" thick plate then really proceeded to mark where the holes need to be drilled. The plus side to this machine on the cylinder arm is that it has those two holes where the guide roller goes. The most difficult part was probably just tapping the holes with the proper sized threads and not breaking the tool off in the hole. This is a 1" binder attachment from Sailrite.
  8. Very nice. We have to remember that while many people shop for the bargain regardless of how many times they have to buy there are still people out there that know and are willing to pay for good quality craftsmanship.
  9. I promise I'll get that photo but I needed my cb3200 to stitch a tool roll and that binding attachment has nothing to do with that job.
  10. I have successfully attached a 1" binder attachment from Sailrite to my CB3200. I will get a picture and post up so you can see how I did it. But as a precursor to the photo I used the two existing holes where the edge guide gets screwed in to the cylinder arm and fabbed up a steel plate that bolts up to those. I then figured the math on the bolt positioning for the binder attachment. Drilled and tapped it. The attachment is adjustable from side to side and forward to aft. I'll work on that pic.
  11. Just a 100% cotton knit. I really wanted it in a cotton duck but they don't print it on that. Either way it feels nice and looks good.
  12. I really like that green dye. decent job on the wallet. I find making wallets with multiple pockets, for me at least, tedious and tricky to master.
  13. Here is the semi side view of it of the flap that overhangs on the sides. It does a pretty good job and keep everything in.
  14. Amazing is all I can say. I feel privileged to be amongst such talented people.
  15. As part of my very small growing side business I designed (nothing really new out there but you know what I mean) this utility messenger bag. On this piece I used black utility oil tanned leather. While it is oil tanned it's not overly oiled as too ruin anything but still has a good resistance to water if caught in a rain. Stitched with my Cowboy CB-341 using gold 138 bonded nylon thread and skived with a CB-801 Bell knife Skiver. Has two contrasting size pockets with a snap button on the front and a speed pocket on each end Interior is lined with an Alexander Henry original print called "Las Senoritas". Dimensions are 15" long x 5" deep x 10" tall
  16. Pauls Leather


    I'd like to know as well. I would like to purchase one of their brogue tools but it's been out of stock for a very long time.
  17. So I have my very small startup company that I mainly get business by referral. It's not my full time job but it does occupy a good amount of my time. Mainly I've dealt with making utilitarian type leather goods......cases for tablets, holsters, wallets, sheaths and some motorcycle bags. With the help of my wife who I have dubbed as my creative director are now starting to delve into the fashion handbag community and the few things I have made I have had great response to it so we want to kind of take off with it. With that said my current company name doesn't quite roll off the tongue, to me, to attract the type of customer I want to market to. So I have another name that I find quite attractive. My question.....Do I just label my new designer style products with said name as a creation under my current company or do I need to legally create that entity? I hope that makes sense. My gut tells me I just need to create that separate company entity for future purposes. On a side note only my finer designer style products would be labeled with new said name.
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