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  1. Hi Dirkba, I only use the case for transport in my vehicle to and from the range, I wipe the gun down before putting it back in the case and take it out when I get home. I thought about that when I built this and decided to use shearling Knowing I have to be very careful about dirt and grim.
  2. Made a Scabbard for my 1860 Henry OE. made for 8 Oz leather, Braided with Kangaroo lace , lined with Sheep shearling.
  3. Made the seat pan from 14 gauge steel, leather is 4-5 oz, Oiled with Neats foots , dyed Saddle Tan, Skirt is two 8 oz pieces to prevent warpage. laced with Kangaroo lace in a Mexican Braid
  4. Here's my first try at a Belt and Holster , I used 8 oz Veg tan with 3 oz lining, Outside is dyed Chocolate brown and the lining is Antique brown. black Canyon conchos and 1/4 inch Kangaroo lace
  5. www.worldwidetattoo.com. thay have 2 sizes, this one is 12" x 17" price is $70.00. very well made and great to use at 1" high.
  6. Yes, I told the customer the hair will wear off,this is what he wanted.
  7. Here's a LED Light table i purchased from a Tattoo supply house, works great, only a inch high.
  8. here's a set of seats i finished with cowhide and hair still on. first seat i sewed with my 29K60 Singer
  9. It's a Spoon shape conhco that came off a saddlebag
  10. The black pouch is a recreation of a 18th century North Hampton pouch , hand cut and sewn Made from Veg Tan leather, dyed with Vinagaroon The Yellow pouch is a modern pouch made from Buffalo Hide with Veg Tan Strap , machine sewn
  11. Here's a set i finished, A Seat for a Softail , Back Rest and a matching Tool Bag, Natural color, finished with Clear Lac, Kangaroo lace
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