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    Black powder shooting ,camping working with my hands, building things like Pa. Rifles and anything elde I can do to keep busy

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    trying,Civil war leathers,and anything else
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    Just learning, do not want my work to look crappy
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    serching for info. on leatherwork
  1. Hello, My name is Kenne,I am not real familiar with this site but I am interested in the awl blade you have for sale and maybe the small handle . if this is possible could you let me know ,,and info for payment and shipping. My email is keckard57@gmail.com I do not know how to send a pm Ken I have sent a message ,,Kenne
  2. Well its 12:01 am. Another 16 hour day and just turned out the lights in the shop to meet order demands and then start on another PA. Rifle Case. I am sorry I have not had the time to fill out more info for everyone but sometimes business before pleasure. I will make sure as soon as I can I will be online filling out all the needed info. I guess its all in a name.
  3. I think the info that Sturme gave you would be a good start for anyone. As far as the customers, as you can tell, your on your own. I started with a yard sale my wife was having. I set up a table with cards and some small items. Then went to several craft shows and so on. Good luck, and mostly ENJOY
  4. That is a great tutorial,,I make so formed items too. The thing I do different is , I make a mold plate to fit over the wood block you are molding to, make it big enough to allow for the leather thickness ,then after molding to the block as you do and cutting the pleats ,start pushing the plate over the block pushing all sides evenly then get claps and then tighten a little at a time evenly around the block till it is all the down all the way around then wait like you do to dry. make sure all edges are smooth because it will show all rough spots. Thanks I might need this sometime to make something too ,always good to have several ways to do things.
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