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    As now disabled, working with leather gives me something very challenging to do each day in place of TV, reading.

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    belts, rifle slings, pouches, holsters, wallets, phone cases, saddlery
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  1. Couldn't buy phone protector case, got sick of it falling out my pocket. Scrap leather had a strange coating on it that stopped finish working properly, but has already saved the phone from damage!
  2. I live on the other side of the hill to you blokes, about 4.5hrs sw of Brisvegas
  3. I purchased a 4oz bag of deerskin remnants from local Tandy Leather (5046-08) to see what the leather was like before buying a whole hide which is expensive here. The stitches are 8 per inch - about 3mm apart and about 5mm in from edges. As apprentice, took me a while to figure out the inner circle circumference and number of stitch holes needed, then to find a piece long enough to match the required circumference plus 10mm to allow for side seam. I've made a few other small items from the scrap as well.
  4. round base 100mm, about 140mm high. Took ages to calculate the holes and spacings.
  5. Had trouble stitching the wallet because awl had rust indents, solved now with buying a new awl handle and diamond shaped blades
  6. If you are still wanting this, please provide phone dimensions to allow me to give an approximate price. If you have it already, would you mind posting some pictures to see how it was done.
  7. Thank you for the pattern. I am just starting with leatherwork, and it will a great project to try.
  8. Figured out a way to get the cutting templates. Using Gimp, scaled images to the suggested width, then printed out, which gave me the correct width and all the marking and cutting lines. I will do a test, and if it all works out exactly, I will share the correctly scaled images back here.
  9. Thanks for those pointers. Returning to leatherwork after a long time away raising family and surviving. Taking it pretty easy after some operations, and another enforced layoff coming, so will be able to sit and make some things.
  10. I have been looking for a replacement wallet for some time, and this one seems to be suitable. However I am having problems getting the dimensions correct when printing onto A4 paper not Letter (11 x 14). http://www.artofmanliness.com/2012/11/30/how-to-make-a-wallet/ If someone has made one or knows dimensions or even of a better wallet, I would be most appreciative.
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