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  1. I have been spraying my finishes on my holster for the 10 + years. Eric Adams with Adams Leather Works showed me what he does years ago and if you ever saw Eric's work you would know that I wanted my holsters to look like his.Spray it is !!! Dye and Sealant
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    1. stsears


      I got the 2 Cobra's moved in and placed.....I think


  3. I so much appreciate everyones input and advice. I have been in the Leather "World" since 1999 but never had a true shop outside a bedroom or 2. I will take all input to heart and let everyone see and know how things turn out. Thank you all again. Steve Sears/ Rock'n S Leather Works
  4. I have built a new shop, "She/Shed ." It is 12' x 28'. I need help laying out the best shop I can have in this small space that is available. I put a Garage door at 1 end and a walk up door in the side. I have a Cobra Class 4 and a Cobra Class 26 sewing machine that will need to go in the shop plus I am wanting to build a 4' x 8' cutting table so I have plenty of space for "sides" to lay out and cut. Storage will be overhead and under workbenches, I guess. Any help and input is appreciated. My big Clicker Press will NOT be going in my shop. It will be staying in the Garage which is close.
  5. I just got myself a United Shoe Mfg Company Clicker Press that has been converted over to run off of air, "Pneumatic". Its don't look like much but I get it running and adjusted the stroke dept a little and it seems OK I am a "Mom Pop " little shop but this thing should save my hands a lot of pain and suffering but "Clicking" the parts out rather than cutting them by hand. I'm building myself a new shop but I'm afraid to put the press in there since I don't know the weight. I guess I'll just leave it in the garage on concrete.
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