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  1. what is the best way to clean my brushes after dying? used 90% alcohol and murphys soap, but what is the best?
  2. are there ANY good bar grounders to be had anywhere? I can't afford the Bob Beard's and others but Springfield and Tandy are REALLY bad. How good are the Craft Japan, and all the others on Ebay etc?? Anyone???
  3. Has anyone used Master Quick Shine as a block (resist). I wrote to Kevin at Springfield leather and the response was that it could be used like any other resist. Anyone???
  4. what dye did you use, and did you dilute it at all? Just did a belt with Pro oil dye Royal Blue and it came out soooo dark after 1 coat of non-diuted. Did a test first with diluted and it was so faint that it didn't work for me. love to hear back pete
  5. I have a BK thumbprint that I never used. It's too big for what I do. Paid $35.00 for it and want a 01 size not the 04 size that I have. WILL sell or swap. $30 and I'll pay shipping in the US pete
  6. Santa Rosa!! I was born in Sausalito and taught golf at the driving range across from the college there!

    Live in Arkansas now



  7. I had trouble with keeping my tracing paper perfectly line up when trying belts. Leather would shift sometimes and taping the sides wasn't always exact after lifting it to check. Took a yardstick and cut it into (2) 10" pieces, and glued it to a cutting board. 1 1/2" apart. It was exactly 8oz. thickness so I tape the patterns to the sticks and trace. Get to the end of the pattern and simply slide the leather up to the next section. Really easy to check and slide back if I missed a spot as it lines up perfectly.
  8. Occasionally I would have trouble keeping my belts from shifting slightly when tracing a repeating pattern. Seems it would get off line even though I taped the tracing paper on both sides. I took a ruler and glued it to a plastic board exactly the width of my 1 3/4" blank./ The free yardstick from the hardware store is exactly 8oz thick so it is flush with the blank. I trace and then slide the blank up to the next part of the pattern and my grooves never waver or get off line.
  9. Moving the shop and found it. 1976 excellent condition. Any REASONABLE offer accepted. (Offer must consider shipping cost)
  10. a tip that I THINK that I got from Kevin at Springfield leather. Wet a little piece of it and smell it. If it smells like a cat box, urine, or something like almonds it is probably from mexico and has been urine tanned rather than oak (VEG) tanned
  11. what is best for coasters to overcome water stains? resolene rtc, neat-lac,,etc,??
  12. what is it that you are trying to do?????
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