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  1. Hi all, I have this great little saddle that I have been trying to get information on the maker and so far haven't had any luck. Please let me know if you recognize this makers mark and/or know anything about the saddle. Thanks, Heather
  2. It looks to me like two circles with a / in the middle - 0/0 Sorry but thats as big as I can get it. (Working on an old and tired pc) Thanks for looking, Heather
  3. A client asked me if I knew whos mark this is, I dont so I am asking you guys. Thanks all, Heather
  4. My son loves snakes - think I will try one... Great Find! Thanks for posting!!!!
  5. I love seeing the pieces you make; gorgeous as usual! Heather
  6. Here is a picture of some I did about 3 years ago. They are simple 4 plaits with two smaller end knots instead of the larger one. I added some ferules or ring knots. In the picture I also tried some three strand with two loops. I really like the one Entiendo did with the mock alamar. Very Cool! Lets us see how the new design/s work out. Heather
  7. Opagon

    leather cores

    Here is the place I order from - www.pagebelting.com/belting.html Heather
  8. Thanks for the ideas 8th! I am going to try some of those exercises. I do yoga and have been told repeatedly that I need to start Tai Chi also, no time like the present. The one really simple thing that I have incorporated into my routine is the water bath. Alternating between hot and cold water 2 minutes each for 3 sets with palms down, fingers spread. It really helps improve the circulation. Keep Braiding, Heather
  9. Opagon

    Bosal progress

    I really like the consistency in your width and your strings look very good. I would also like to see your strings closer together and agree with Rob that you need to push up your strings when braiding. If it was mine, I would just braid over the top of it rather than start over as I like a larger diameter for starting my young ones. Keep Braiding, Heather
  10. That seat makes me want a bike!! Great Job. Heather
  11. Hi Bernie, Just visited your site, wonderful work!! Cant wait to see more of your work and share ideas with you. Heather
  12. Opagon


    Thanks Brian and Horsehair for the great suggestions!!! I used Roo for the braiding and the dressing would have made it much easier. On the bottom latigo I had my holes too close to the edge and it pulled through causing a few bad words. I thought that I could reuse the string but after being pulled through the first time and then being undone, I noticed that it was thinning too much. Of course I didnt notice this until a quarter of the way into relacing it...lol On one end of the hack I must have cut the latigo wider or it stretchedas I had to loop around the edge to make it tight enough. The turn back ends of the braid look good but its the start/finish ends that I need to find a better way for. I am not sure how the edge would lay on the Horses nose if braided all the way around. Do you think that it would be higher than the leather and cause a rubbing point? Ahhh...the learning curve.... I bartered out cattle time for this so hopfully I will get handed another one so I can try again. Keep Braiding, Heather
  13. Opagon


    This was a first for me and it taught me tons. I learned about how strings narrow after being pulled through too many times, width of strings compared to distance between holes and why you dont place your holes so close to the edge of the leather. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to end the braid? I am really not happy with mine..... Thanks in Advance, Heather
  14. I also find that its my shoulders that tighten up on me the most after a day of braiding. With the kids in school I am finding more time to braid but my body seems to be protesting. I am building up my hours slowly to get use to the longer hours. I want to be able to keep braiding for a long time without having to worry about my hands/shoulders going out on me. I am getting ready to put together a new work station so I am very curious about this..... I want to design it so that I dont have to be looking down all the time but I also dont want my arms dying from holding them up. Idea's are greatly appreciated! Angle of arms while braiding? Best style of recliner? (I really need to try that more).... Heather
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