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  1. thanks guys. okay, a little background on this particular holster.... First off, this is My wifes pistol and I wanted to make her a cowboy holster and matching gun belt. So I set to start making this for her, and got side tracked. When I came back to it, I started dying the leather and finish sealing it. got it all sealed and realized, "hey, I didnt do any of the floral tooling". So now I have a new holster to carry her new pistol! she wanted the loop through style skirt (which I dont like) I like the riveted loop, hence the scribe lines
  2. its fine folks like you on this forum who make me want to strive to be a better holster maker. my attention span, on the other hand, I fear you are all no help. just pretend you don't see those scribe marks lol
  3. https://youtu.be/X13CE3IdhaY tying it all together on youtube. I have bought both his books. he does everything with paracord, but the concepts are still the same. hope this helps!
  4. thanks for the replies. I kinda figured it wouldn't work just wondered if any one else had tried it. That's ok though cause now I have a project to do this winter.... refinish my dining room table!!!
  5. hey everyone. so I went to the dollar store yesterday to get some mop-n-glo for finishing some holsters. while I was there, I picked up a bottle of Murphys oil soap. was just wondering if anyone has ever used this? the bottle says that its 96% natural ingredients. just wanted to get your thoughts on it. I tried it on a scrap piece I had but I didn't notice difference on the look of the leather but I was wondering more about the nutrients for the leather. thanks and I look forward to any advice.
  6. you're definitely a lot farther along than I was as a beginner. These look very good. My first projects ended up in the garbage can. Some things I did notice while looking at the pics are trivial, but they will help your products look even better. on the basket weave wallet there is a scribe line right through the center of your stamping. before the leather is completely dry take modeling spoon and carefully "erase" this line. one other thing is that your edges are a little wavy. The best thing I've found to get straight edges is a straight edge ruler and a rotary cutter. again, very good work!
  7. was gonna say the same thing about the chrome tanned leather. make sure they don't store the pistol in the holster for any period of time and to oil the pistol regularly.
  8. Haha jimbob, that would be a pretty funny sight to see. better have excellent aim though. The customer asked for a shoulder rig for his hunting pistol. so naturally, i said yes. then he shows me this gun. not what i expected at all. i will say that this was definitely one of the harder ones I've done, but also was the most fun. my wife actually told me that if she hadn't seen me making it, she'd would have sworn that i bought it lol
  9. Yeah i tried it with the seam at the bottom but because of the hammer i couldn't get it to come out like i wanted without exposing the nipple. most I've seen were for a belt or a bandoleer and that what i decided to go with. Had to be more of a pouch then something wet formed like a traditional holster. I had a hard time finding one to copy that i liked
  10. thanks for the comments. As far as the holster being to big, i had looked at hundreds of pics on Google and the majority of them had a lot of room at the opening. not really sure why, but i figured it had to do something with making room for the hammer. The leather is almost 16oz, which caused the screws to kind of countersink into it. the book recommended stitching, lacing or riveting the holster so i went with the easiest way (i know, im lazy, don't judge)
  11. Hey ladies and gents just thought i'd show off this holster i just finished. let me tell ya this was a tough one to figure out. almost two months trying to figure out a design. finally caved and made one out of the al stohlman holster book with a few modifications. this one im especially proud of. So.... what do ya think?
  12. Yes braid the Solomon braid first. as for the Mexican round braid maybe. someone else can verify. that's just what it looks like to me
  13. That bracelet started as a Solomon braid then it looks like they did some sort of Mexican round braid over it
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