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  1. I can but it takes awhile and I have to buy in quantity. Let me see what else I can come up with.
  2. I don't have any more chucks to make more. But #'s 7,9 or 10 would be a close shape to #1. If I had any chucks left I'd be glad to make you one but I've got them all epoxied in. Let me know if you think any of those will work for you. Thanks Tim
  3. They are in the mail and on the way!!!
  4. Awl hafts 5 through 10 are still available. They are all white oak. And all of the scratch awls are available. Let me know which ones you are are interested in!! Thanks for the advice!! It is appreciated!!
  5. They are yours Tony!!! Thank you so much!!!
  6. Thank you Rick!!!! Glad you like them!!
  7. Thanks for the input guys. It is appreciated.
  8. Would someone please give me some honest criticism as to why nobody is interested in these??
  9. Not having any luck selling these, so I lowered the prices. Now you can get a handmade haft or awl for the price of a factory made Osborne...... and help out a fellow leather craftsman in the process!!! I recently learned how to use a wood lathe, after all these years of wood working and having access to it, I finally started using it. So I decided to make some awl hafts. The chucks are expoxied in and go about an inch and a half deep with the extension I put on them. Each haft comes with 5 brass collets to fit anything you want to chuck into it. Some small enough to chuck a sewing needle into as well. I am posting pics of them as well as some scratch awls I made from up cycled hammer drill and concrete drill bits. All the hafts are white oak and some have been stained with vinegaroon to turn them gray, some are natural. All are finished with wax and buffed smooth. No poly. The scratch awls are walnut handles. The one black awl haft is what I think is Douglas fir from a 112 year old church. It is good stuff but light weight. The vinegaroon turned it coal black!! Which I think looks pretty cool. This is old tight grained wood. Close grain that you can't find anymore. I am asking $20.00 each for the awl hafts and $15.00 each for the scratch awls. I am currently in Missouri and that is where they will ship from. I have looked into shipping and it looks like shipping will be cheapest with USPS Priority Mail. If anyone has any better ideas please let me know. But it looks like shipping will be $7.50. I will be taking payment through PayPal. If you would like to purchase one please respond to this posting with what number you want and also email me at: drunkhorsecustomleather@gmail.com If you want more than one let me know that too and there will only be one shipping charge. I have included a lot of pics including one of each in my hand so you get an idea of the size. If you would like more pics or information, please ask. So with that here are the goods!!! Sort through the pics and see if there is something you like!!! And thanks for looking!
  10. Sorry guys, haven't been around much in the last couple years. This tutorial has been up for quite awhile, and I appreciate all the comments and am glad you folks are getting some good pointers from it. As for stain and finish, I have a distain for "eco" anything. I use Feibings oil dye and for the canteens I just give them a coat or 2 of EVOO. Sometimes I'll use Bee Natural Rudys. If anybody has any questions and want a quicker answer than a couple years, just email me at drunkhorsecustomleather@gmail.com
  11. Looks GREAT!!!! I love endurance type saddles as well as Aussie saddles. Love the rough out. So the big question.............How much does it weigh????
  12. The wax also helps lock the stitch together inside the stitch hole.
  13. Here's the best tutorial for it you will ever find! http://www.willghormley-maker.com/MakingHOGRig2.html
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