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  1. So I recently learned how to turn on a wood lathe (thanks Pop!!) and I am making some stuff. The first things I have made are these old school tooling mallets for the more delicate stamps that don't require a hard hit. They allow more control of the impression. They are made of white oak and waxed and buffed to a smooth finish. Some people will wrap them with suede or rawhide or latigo or vegtan. Some just leave them plain. They have a good feel and balance in your hand, heavier towards the business end. The choker handle is for getting a good amount of torque when wrapping leather around a saddle horn. Saves your hammer handles and gives you some good leverage. The mallets are $25.00 each plus shipping and I can get them in a USPS flat rate box The choker handle is $35.00 plus shipping Let me know if you are interested in any of them and we will hammer out the details. When referring to which one of the mallets you are interested in please let me know if it is A B C D or E from left to right. Thanks for looking!!! And let me know if you have questions. Timbo drunkhorsecustomleather@gmail.com
  2. Timbo

    SB Foot Dark Tan Casco Sides

    I know it's an old post... but, is this all gone?
  3. Timbo

    Leather Covered Canteen Tutorial

    Sorry guys, haven't been around much in the last couple years. This tutorial has been up for quite awhile, and I appreciate all the comments and am glad you folks are getting some good pointers from it. As for stain and finish, I have a distain for "eco" anything. I use Feibings oil dye and for the canteens I just give them a coat or 2 of EVOO. Sometimes I'll use Bee Natural Rudys. If anybody has any questions and want a quicker answer than a couple years, just email me at drunkhorsecustomleather@gmail.com
  4. Timbo

    Another Aussie Hybrid Finished

    Good job!!!!! I like that a lot!!!!!!
  5. Timbo

    My First Saddle

    Looks GREAT!!!! I love endurance type saddles as well as Aussie saddles. Love the rough out. So the big question.............How much does it weigh????
  6. The wax also helps lock the stitch together inside the stitch hole.
  7. Timbo

    Holster Toe Plugs

    Here's the best tutorial for it you will ever find! http://www.willghormley-maker.com/MakingHOGRig2.html
  8. Timbo

    The "finsih" For A Saddle

    Fiebings Atomic Balm with atom wax leaves a nice shine.....always was too shiny for me, but might be what you are looking for.
  9. Who has the most level lightweight saddle skirting???? I am so tired of skirting that runs off from 12 to 8 oz. I'd be willing to pay more if it is all a nice uniform usable for my purpose hide. So tell me what your experience is.
  10. Timbo

    Maker's Mark Stamp Review

    I have a delrin stamp and while it works ok, no matter how hard you whack it or whack it repeatedly it will not make as deep of an impression as the metal one. The delrin just does not have the depth that the metal stamps have. The other problem I have with the delrin is that it is round. No matter how well you mark it and work to get it centered and correctly oriented it is still a crap shoot. The square base of the metal stamp would be great as it is easy to get it correctly oriented and square. I don't know how many times I thought I had mine lined up correctly, whacked it, only to find it was turned just a little bit off. So in summation.......I'm gonna order one of these Phillips stamps. Tim
  11. Timbo

    Leather Covered Canteen Tutorial

    Glad you like it and found a use for something in the post. (and your english is fine) Tim
  12. Timbo

    New Guitar Strap For New Guitar

    Well, didn't really find anything on how to make it. Since it was for me it was easy. I play acoustic and electric so the acoustic setting is adjusted all the way up high and then the electric will be somewhere down lower. As for design I just kind of made it up as I went along. I knew I wanted to use the diamonds but then figured out turning them on there side looked good too......and used a lot more of them as well. I didn't like the shiny chrome look of them so I scotch brited them then gun blued them then lightly scotched them again. Made them look old and used. And I knew I wanted it wider over the shoulder and back and thin where it attached to the guitar so I just figured out a little notchy holey thing to transition from one to the other. Oh and from one end to the other it is fully lined and handsewn with 5 cord irish linen. Don't know if that helps any or not......but that's my process when i built it. you just have to have figure what your finished target measurement is going to be and go from there. Tim
  13. Timbo

    New Guitar Strap For New Guitar

    covering an amp in leather would be very cool!!! Funny but back about 1978 I bought a brand new Peavey amp that had been dropped off the back of the truck and broke the case......I got it for super cheap and my Dad and I made a new case for it out of rough sawn cedar.....made it look like a shipping crate. Several years later, guess what line of amps came out that looked just like it??? Yup Crate. And yeah I've bought the occasional guitar over the years to fix up. But I've always kept my first "real" guitar I got when I was 14........did some fast talking and talked my Mom into buying it for my Christmas present. It's a 1971 Les Paul Gold Top Custom. My brother also builds custom electric guitars. Check him out at www.williamjeffreyjonesguitars.com
  14. Timbo

    New Guitar Strap For New Guitar

    Yeah you just gotta be careful with the studs and buckles but its not that big a deal with this guitar. Great Divide is/was Bedell guitars low line. They discontinued the line this summer when they bought Breedlove guitars. I bought this at there Aspen store. (2 Old Hippies) Got it for a hundred bucks and the main purpose of it is to take camping.........so if something bad or stupid happens to it, it won't be that big of a loss. But it is an awfully nice guitar, especially for a hundred bucks. Abusing a guitar is something I just can't do though. So I bought a nice used Guild case for it off of craigslist. Oh and it plays and sounds great........better than some more expensive guitars I've had in the past. Tim
  15. Bought a new guitar this summer so naturally had to make a new strap for it. Let me know what you think.