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  1. Hey, i thought some sellers sell the backstraps of croc,etc? I know parts don't need papers, shark too.
  2. Not for resell, not buying the whole hide. I think small pieces don't need papers.
  3. Hi, where can i buy croc/gator/caiman hornback straps? I tried seatching, only found ostrich market. However, their alligator hornback strap looks like it has been burnt lol. Anywhere i can source it online or from members?
  4. Something like this Some people call it cracked or something.
  5. Just came back from reservist in the army, long time no see... Where can i buy black distressed calf/cow hide? I only need a small piece, not the whole hide. Someone willing to sell me? Appreciate the help! I need to make a watch band for my father's birthday.
  6. Thanks, i tried ebay and can't find the osborne tool i need so i turn to this site.
  7. Guys, is this website trusted/safe for using credit card,etc? http://www.handtools-uk.com/default.php
  8. Hi guys, i need help to pick the right skiving knife for making watch bands, have been pretty unsuccessful thus wasted some cash,etc. Sometimes i need to skive very soft cowhide/calf, if the knife isn't sharp enough... it will cause the leather to change in shape. I have one option in mind, what do you guys think about it? UK right hand style skiving knife http://www.handtools-uk.com/p1586-skiving-knife-osborne-ref-469b-uk-right-hand-us-left Nonetheless, is this uk website trusted?
  9. Or i might need a very sharp skiving knife, the skiving knife i use will stretch and change the shape of soft leather... as i am using calf skin for filling and backing. Do you guys think this website is trusted? I am planning to order one. http://www.handtools-uk.com/p1586-skiving-knife-osborne-ref-469b-uk-right-hand-us-left
  10. Recently i made a few stitchless crocodile watch bands, but unsuccessful at times. The problem is that crocodile skin breaks easiy if you are not careful with the skiving. I broke some already, i need to make it thin for it to be folded to form the loop..... i am making 24mm-26mm straps for panerai and other big watches, thickness of glued cowhide and crocodile must form thickness of 1.6-1.8mm. Therefore, it will be close to watch case. I am looking into skiving machine and don't know if it's possible to skive straps? For examle, my strap is 140mm long, and i need to skive the top 4cm to certain thiness. I found an affordable chinese built skiving machine online, but i am afraid i am on my own to learn how to use it.
  11. Guys, i need the exact name for this machine please. I saw a watchband maker use a mini machine like this, works really good i think.
  12. Sell me some if you have left over, can make some nice looking watch bands with it.
  13. The brown one is good, i bought 2 from you before... wanted to give a good feedback but error occured when i tried. But maybe you would want to lower the cost a bit.
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