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  1. I did 3 things to slow ny old clutch motor 1. Installed a 1 1/2” pulley on motor 2. Lengthened the engagement bar by 12” 3. Made a New 6” Hand pulley for the machine from hard maple This increases the gear ratio and maximum speed is now 1/2 of what it was If you have a lathe this is very easy to do I’ve made several for friends and they all love em’
  2. Yup, She's running and stitching like a NewOne!!! Maybe I can return the favor some day. All I had to do was remove the stitch length shaft. Pull the reverse arm down and then screw the shaft back in. It engaged in the "V" section and VOILA' All is well. I guess I must have somehow got it disengaged at some point but it's fine now and works just like your's in the video. Amazing what a little video and borrowed knowledge can do!!! UWE your ARE THE MAN!!!!
  3. OMG!!! If I can't fix it now, I'm a Blooming Idiot!!!! This is Fantastic! I searched the web and NEVER could find anything other than how to thread the machine. Making this video for me is Such a GREAT thing for you to do. I can't thank you enough. I'll get to work on it now and keep you posted on my progress!!!
  4. I really need some help. My old Rex 11-155R has been working Great for years. It sat idle for a few months and then when I went out to the shop to do a job...The Stitch it made was almost 3/8" long and the Adjustment Knob would NOT work. Knob functions as designed but...Stitch Length remains at 9mm or bigger. I removed the top and back access plates as well as the Knob assembly and for the Life of me cannot figure out how it is supposed to work. I searched the interior of the machine and found NO broken pieces and could not see where the Pointed End of the knob or the shaft came in contact with any other moving parts. Does anyone know how this thing works and why it is no longer working. Took it to a repair shop and it sat for 10 days and no one even looked at it. Got mad and went and picked it up and took these pics hoping someone on here might know the answer. I've done the timing in the past, Replaced the entire hook etc.. and as I said it was working fine. Now...NADA!!!! HELP!!!!!
  5. I have a Rex 11-155R and it has been working fairly well. Will sew thru 8 layers of vinyl with no issues. Last time I used it all was well. Sat down today and it will ONLY stitch about a 9mm stitch or actually a bit larger. Stitch adjustmen knob seems to function as usual but stitch length stays the same no matter what. I took it apart and removed all hatches etc to be able to see inside and for the life of me can't see how it ever worked. Unless something has fallen off or broken, (I find NO evidence of either) then I can't see how to fix it. Anyone with knowledge of this issue please HELP!!! I know it shouldnt be that big a deal I've done a LOT of work on her, replaced hook set timing adjusted feed dogs, needle bar timing etc and am very familiar with how most things work but this has be bumfuzzled!!!!
  6. I was running it with a #22 needle and had problems. I have not tried since the repair. I WILL try it now since it's been repaired and see how it goes. THANKS for the reminder!!!!
  7. Well, I ended up taking the machine to a repair shop. After 2 trips they finally figured it out. Ended up being the top tension spring was worn out and even though it appeared to be functioning it was to weak to apply enough pressure of proper tensioning. They replaced it with a new spring and it now works perfectly and sews thru 6 layers of vinyl using #56 thread and #22 needle like Hot Butter. Loaded up #138 Thread and a #25 needle and sewed some Belt Leather with Perfect results!! Needless to say, I'm a Happy Camper!!!
  8. I just recently purchased a REX 11-155R I've been trying to get it to work for over a week and am having an issue with the top thread being shredded and not being able to set the top tension properly. At first it shredded very quickly so I removed the shuttle for inspection and sure enough found a "spur". Using emory cloth I removed the spur and polished the shuttle back to a high lustre and ultra smooth finish. Now I can sew a foot or two before the thread shreds. I'm using #92 Thread with a New #22 needle. As for the tensioning I have polished the discs and they are fine. If I adjust the tension to a light setting it seems to work better but then I get loops on the bottom due to not enough tension to pull the bobbin thread up and lock the stich into the material. If I Set the Tension higher the shredding begins sooner and it still does not look as though the bobbin thread is being pulled up into the material. I think the bobbin is adjusted about right. When I do the "Yo Yo" drop it will drop about 1" with a medium yank. I've never had a Walking foot machine but have worked on both sewing and mechanically on a Tacsew Straight stich machine and can set the Hook Timing etc. on it with out fail and it works perfectly. This Walking Foot has me Over a Barrel. I just can't seem to get it to sew with out shredding the thread. I use the same thread on my TacSew Machine and it works perfectly. I'm hoping one of the experts here on the forum might have some insight to help me figure this out. I read somewhere you can't BREAK these old machines but...Mine seems to be BROKEN!!!! H E L P!!!!! Mike
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