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    My main interest is braiding both leather and rawhide. I prefer to make my own rawhide. I also make saddles, tack, holsters and most anything leather. I also do tarp and canvas repair.

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    braiding and saddle building
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  1. I get latigo for stock whips from Tennessee Tannery.
  2. I just talked to Barb and she gave me these two e-mail addresses that you can try. Not sure why she did not get the message but she said she checks that email multiple times a day. If you have problems getting her, message me and I will get whatever information you want from her. lace@yknot.com or abcsorenson@gmail.com
  3. I just noticed this and will call Barb as soon as I can to let her know about it. I did the videos on her web site for the bevelers. I wish I had an answer for you about her not responding but I can tell you that her father just passed away and they are having to do some extra stuff with her mother. I'll call her today and have her check on her e-mail.
  4. I don't know if Paul at Midwest Whips exports hides but he probably imports over 100 a month. He is great to work with.
  5. Check out www.sterntannery.com for rawhide. Jeff does a really good job making rawhide and is reasonable on price.
  6. Amanda, you might also check out the Rocky Mountain Leather show in May in Sheridan, WY. Buck might be there and I believe Ralph makes it there also. There are braiding classes offered there. If you do the Facebook thing, send me a friend request. I don't post a lot of things but have a great bunch of rawhide friends and can pass those along. I do teach but I am in Montana. Keep us informed how it is going.
  7. rcsaddles

    Cutting Pattern

    I looked at my book and did not see that cutting pattern in it. I didn't see which version it is but aI will try and remember to look tonight. I use Ron's Whip making One book when I teach in Sheridan, Wyoming at the Rocky Mountain Leather Show. I have cut out a very small four strand whip I want to make for a hat band. I'll take pictures as I go and post it when I am done.
  8. rcsaddles

    Cutting Pattern

    It is always good to hear what other people are doing and what they make work. One of the reasons I like this forum is the sharing of inforamtion.
  9. rcsaddles

    Georg Schaake

    Glad you got this going, Brian. Would you send me the link for Drop Box. Not sure I can understand all the technical stuff but will be great to try. Also, if you would please give me some info about the CD that is being offered. Sounds like it is a copy of the magazines. Is that true? Thanks Brian.
  10. rcsaddles

    Cutting Pattern

    I'll have to look at my book to see which one I have.
  11. rcsaddles

    Cutting Pattern

    I just happen to have that book. I'll look at it tonight. I have found that Ron's books are the easiest for me to follow.
  12. rcsaddles

    Cutting Pattern

    There are a coule of whip braiding groups on Facebook. Look into that if you can. Most are pretty open with advise. What Ron Edwards book has this in it? I am thinking of making some snake or signal whips in the very near future. I've scaled back to 3' snake whips primarily till I can work out the triangle method of cutting recommended for snake whips by Ron Edward. I hope I have that book and will look at home tonight. If you can tell me which book it will be a little easier. I understand about using the goat for practice. It is cheaper than roo but you are correct about the cutting is a lot like roo. I use the Aussie Lace cutter for my 6 and 7 foot stock whips. I can cut the taper with it pretty good. Of course it is not exact but when using the latigo for these whips, ir works really well. If you want more info on cutters, splitters and bevelers, let me know and I can post a few pictures or try and do a video for you. I have learned how to bevel free hand on my stock whips. Not really tried on roo yet but will do that soon.
  13. Can you be a little more specific on what tools? I have some duplicate stamps I would be willing to let go. Just let me know what you are looking for.
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