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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. you've brought out a lot of good points. I appreciate it.
  2. It is a western saddle and you have a few good points. Especially about the horn. I hadn’t thought of making a sleeve. Thanks. Thanks oltoot. I have been wondering were I could find a box that large. The wardrobe box sounds great.
  3. I just wanted to put this out there for a little feedback. I've never shipped a saddle before but in a couple of weeks I'll be shipping one from Florida to North Carolina. If anyone has any input/experience good or bad with boxing/packaging and shipping companies good or bad I'd appreciate the advice. UPS and FedEx are both here where I live so either is an option. I'm not partial to either I just want it done correctly. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks DrmCa. It was a rush job but it worked. I think start to finish I have about 2 1/2 hours in it plus a lot of cramps in my hand.
  5. I've used a crown serpentine pattern before but I just got these two stamps from Barry King recently and hadn't used them together. I like the way it worked out.
  6. Wrapped up this last minute belt as a display for a fundraiser at my son’s school tonight. I donated a custom belt for their auction but I needed something to display during the auction. Gotta love it when you get a whole 48 hour notice for things like this.
  7. Finished up another guitar strap. I used Wickett and Craig calf carving and lined it with latigo. The hardware is Horseshoe Brand.
  8. Thanks. I have used a lot of the Horseshoe Brand buckles and conchos. I've always been pleased with them. Thank you. Much appreciated.
  9. Thanks Stetson912. It is 6 ounce calf with a 6 ounce latigo lining. I like their calf tooling leather. I've used it on a lot of projects over the past year and never had a problem. The last side I got had a few more soft spots than I would have liked but for the price I couldn't complain. Thanks falcon45.
  10. My latest guitar strap. Just shipped it out this week. Latigo lined 6 ounce Wickett and Craig calf tooling leather.
  11. Thanks CZoc. It is a JW buckle. They are pretty much all I use. Good quality and a decent price.
  12. Finished this one on New Years Day. It’s going out for a February birthday. Hope you like it. This is definitely a challenging pattern but the more I use it the more I like it.
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