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  1. Hi

    Didn't get notification of your question..do excuse my delay in responding. .

    Not sure about the manual for this particular machine ..only have some loose pages which are just an overview of a different but similar styled machine...that is a Bradbury. ..

    That doesn't show details of any accessories such as the table

    There are members here that have the Bradbury and I have seen tables on the machine. ..but I can't remember who they are. ..

    Suggest you post a question the sewing machine section ..I'm sure you will get a response as this has been discussed before particularly with the Singer K patchers.


  2. hi Steve...

    thanks!..the 97 do-over had been on the overdue list for awhile.it will take sometime to complete the missing parts on this machine..the aim first will be to get it to a ready to use state.I am going to build a new stand with a heavy lower flywheel [to up the torque/punching power].

    haven't seen here any specific no.6's made for New Zealand or elsewhere..have wondered if there were any made for South Africa ,India or Asia?

    cheers Gordon

  3. hi Steve..thanks! for the compliment..[good for the ego and all that]..

    the double star was going to done via my vinyl cutter [design on a PC]..but it was taking too long ,so resorted to protractor ,ruler and frisket film.the first silver star[sectioned mask] was applied and a airbrush held at the wheel centre and wheel turned slowly whilst applying the copper wash.

    the gold star -a full mask overlay and this is where it got messy..too much paint lift.[and real shonky alignment on my part]

    I will post the HM6 detail with an explanation about the worn lettering.

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