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  1. For what it's worth............over time, I've found that on plate rigs, 7" drop from the bar down to the point of where the latigo will attach to the rigging hardware, works very well....unless the saddle is intended for a shorter legged rider.............then I will go 6 1/2" drop or maybe a shade less. JW
  2. Nice job CW. Punchy rig that rides great, I'd bet. JW
  3. I think all the responses have been correct. For my input, I'll say that where the stirrup leathers hang is a function of the stirrup slot placement in the bars, primarily. 2 1/2" leathers will allow for a little more flexibility, and I use them in all saddles that I build, unless the customer requests otherwise. 1/2 leather, ranch cutter style fenders / leathers allow for maximum flexibility, and do allow you to put the point of the stirrup position slightly ahead of the true stirrup leather line. I use that style of set up on many saddles as well. JW
  4. Well.....there's always many ways to skin a cat.......but, without any stitches coming through any of the backside of that binding, I'd be afraid that the glue would let go, and you'd have a binding that was loose. JW
  5. All my fender legs are 10 - 10 1/2", and I twist and wrap most of them. I also use primarily 2 1/2" stirrup leathers. JW
  6. Congratulations Darcy!........the saddles look real good , as always. JW
  7. One more in agreement with Keith and Shelly.........I use the peelers. JW
  8. Aurelie.....Thank You. The seat rig is shaped very much like a plate rigging, except that it is part of the seat jockey. The seat rigging / jockey is lined with skirting leather, as you would do with a plate rigging. The lining is from the front of the seat back to the cantle ear. It goes up and around the swells, around the back of the swells up to the handhole. The lining pieces from each side meet and over lap one another a little at the hand hole. Hope that answers your question. JW
  9. Billy.......Thank You. Bradley........yes sir, I talked with Kevin yesterday, and I'm going to get a couple 14" wide. Back when I ordered the one in the photo, it was available only 13. Thanks, JW
  10. Billy........I've had a seat rig before, and I couldn't tell much difference between it and a plate rig, and at least the way I build them, there is the same amount of leather under your leg either way. We've had a couple nice rains this winter, b ut we are certainly not out of the drought yet.......hoping for the best come spring time. Thank You. JW Joel........they don't pinch. Thank You, JW
  11. B Milla..........Thank You, sir. I really liked that Lewis tree, and especially that swell shape. Wish I could get it 14" wide as well. I d intend too use more . Thanks, JW
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