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  1. So I got into this hobby after a friend of mine leather tooled a rose design into a chopper seat. Then I asked him to make me a guitar strap for my Taylor. Now my friend is really talented in this stuff but he's really busy with other things in life to get leather projects out in a reasonable manner. I figured I could give it a go and thought I would really enjoy the hobby. This is my first project. I got the idea from a beer koozie on instagram and then just made my own. It's rough around the edges... I got anxious to finish it and could have spent more time on certain parts but I think it still turned out pretty well. I made this for my for my roommate who is moving out soon. We work offshore on ships. Hence the helm, and M is his last initial. We both play guitar together so I put some music notes on there. I'm sure nobody will recognize the helm and M but it's a design from a BMX company. Madera. It's a smaller division of Profile and they make stems, hubs, and sprockets. I like it. I'm looking forward to making my own guitar straps in the future!
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