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  1. I was looking into making a double shoulder camera strap and was curious if anyone had insight towards these quick release shackles. I'd prefer to find square vs round, but it seems the majority of offerings are either from Alibaba, or $25-30 for marine grade hardware used on boats. I'm figuring to make the strap these attach to to be about 3/4"w . I wouldnt mind buying in bulk because I can always make some more in the future and sell them as stock items. Thank you in advance for any assistance.
  2. Why anyone is answering in this thread is beyond me. Unless i'm reading this completely wrong, you're frustrated as it seems with all caps in your title, and then proceed to rant that no one is giving you free business advice, particularly questions where the answers can be wildly subjective and dependent on the market for products. The whole post seems rather childish and entitled. You even take a jab at others on here for not answering your questions to your level of satisfaction. The search function is in the top right. As others have pointed out there are a number of threads covering all three of your questions. Happy hunting.
  3. I dont have any specific stats to cite from, but at least through my own observation, the double cap is mushrooming itself against another piece of metal with a wide surface are as opposed to a jiffy rivet mushrooming itself against the leather alone. That said, I use copper rivets for my connector points for straps, and double caps where the shear/stress forces are minimal by comparison.
  4. i like the addition of the belt swivel. I never particularly cared for the unfinished look of jiffy rivets over a double cap rivet, but also for a cosmetic perspective, the peen/ridges of the jiffy rivet may chew up the surface of the back of the radio over time. All in all good work!
  5. Keeping an eye out to see what else you have coming.
  6. Very nice Memphis! Congrats on the holster design. As you had mentioned, patterns for radio holsters don't really exist. It's a badge of achievement in my opinion (through much trial and error) to make one you are satisfied with. A proud Dad making his daughter something to use on the job seems that much more satisfying.
  7. Mine came with a thread post top center and a lube pot before it gets threaded to the first tension disc. As far as it differs from my Cobra, there is much of a difference. Surprisingly, I enjoy sewing more with the ferdco than the cobra.. I chalk it up to ive been using it for years and the cobra is newer, so I feel like im just used to its quirks.
  8. Aside from sharp bends and too thick of leather at the buckle turn-back, I would say the leather is very dry. which it turn makes it more susceptible to cracks. Was the belt oiled after dyeing?
  9. Looks good. The shield for you or for a coworker?
  10. They offer struck through services if you buy 50 sides and get your own "run" as they will be dyed to your specs. Nothing against W&C, but I found their bridle and latigo (besides not being struck through) has a much different appearance and feel over thoroughbred. Thoroughbred does have limitations of stock at times so you should plan your material needs ahead of time. I was also ordering with them around the time they had their dedicated salesman like W&C has a few, and I find ordering a bit easier now with thoroughbred you are always speaking with either Jeff or Brian anyway.
  11. I know since the dies are already made it might be difficult to incorporate, however Texas Custom Dies add a foam mold to the inside of most of a lot of their dies. The blade of the die cuts the leather, the foam compresses and then pushes the leather out do it does not get stuck in the die.
  12. Certain lockers (gear grid) have plate holders already mounted on them. Otherwise I offer a few different options for mounting. Velcro, magnet backed, and s-hooks.
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