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  1. Old Coach Saddlery

    Holster or Stirrup plate

    Thanks for the info.
  2. Old Coach Saddlery

    List of Members sewing machines

    I learned on a Pro-2000 but currently used at my work ( tack repair) a Ferdinand 900b set up with 207/277 poly. I have in my own shop at home two Ferdinand 900b one set up for 138/207 and the other with 207/277 all the machines have clutch motors. I also have a Juki DNU1541 which I put a servo and speed reducer on a year ago. I love the fact that it will crawl. Most of my work is tack repair.
  3. Old Coach Saddlery

    Restoration Decals

    Ferdco, Super Bull, Pro-2000, Pro-440R
  4. Old Coach Saddlery

    Restoration Decals

    I have some Ferdinand Inc. decals available. These are high quality 3m vinyl reproductions. I had them made for my 900b Bull and have extras. $10 each.
  5. Old Coach Saddlery

    What to do with a 10-ft long strap?

    I didn't know that a hide could be 10 feet long?
  6. Old Coach Saddlery


    What a work of art. Very jealous of your talent.
  7. Old Coach Saddlery

    Bridle Leather Sheath

    I thought the same. The cleaver has some really nice detailed work.
  8. I was asked to make a sheath for this cool cleaver. Not really my thing but this is what I came up with. I used 8oz bridle and decided on a button instead of a snap. There is definitely room for improvement. But it's all fun
  9. Old Coach Saddlery

    Three Henckels Round Knives

    Sweet. Thank you.
  10. Old Coach Saddlery

    New toy

    Love the fact that it was your grandfathers. Should be a fun restoration.
  11. Old Coach Saddlery

    Are girls allowed? :P

    Lovely work. Thank you for sharing.
  12. Old Coach Saddlery

    What kind of leather should I use for tack making?

    I use Wicket & Craig or Sedgwick bridle leather for my English tack work. 9/10 oz. And split it if I need something lighter.
  13. Old Coach Saddlery

    The Cat's Meow

    Nice! and I like the kitty too. She looks sweet.
  14. Old Coach Saddlery

    Something New For My Shop

    I been in need of a stand for my shop. One that would hold saddles that I am working on or waiting to be worked on. I didn't want some cheesy stand. I searched the wide web for just the right stand. I finally decided it didn't exist. What to do? Make it myself. So I found a cheap treadle and repurposed it. I scrubbed the base with a wire brush and painted it. Then went to forming the top. This is what I came up with. Thought I was done and decided it needed a drawer.
  15. Old Coach Saddlery

    Using Wax Lube Pot on a 441

    My Bull came with a lube pot. I had a problem with the thread heating up and fraying. So I purchased some silicone lube from Weaver thinking it would help. I would agree with Colt, it was messy when I ran the machine. Seemed like there was a lot of excess lube in the tread.