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  1. Old Coach Saddlery

    Opinion on Adler 30-70

    Thanks so much I have experience with the singer patchers but not a big Adler. Makes good sense. Very helpful.
  2. Old Coach Saddlery

    Opinion on Adler 30-70

  3. Old Coach Saddlery

    Opinion on Adler 30-70

    Wiz I am going to look at the machine on Tuesday. It doesn’t have a needle to test it . I do have needles for a 29-4 patcher, do you think it might work just to see if it will see?
  4. Old Coach Saddlery

    Master Saddler and Professional Saddle Fitter

    Very impressive bio. Welcome .
  5. Old Coach Saddlery

    Saddlery classes?

    I believe there is already a master saddlery school in Maryland that holds classes twice a year. But it is always nice to have another option. You can always learn something new. You never stop discovering new ways and skills.
  6. Old Coach Saddlery

    Opinion on Adler 30-70

    Thanks wiz. I was going to offer considerably less. But I definitely want to lay eyes on her first.
  7. Old Coach Saddlery

    Opinion on Adler 30-70

    So I am contemplating yet another sewing machine. I have had Singer 29-4 in the past. But found this Adler 30-70. I have made arrangements to go see how rough it really is. I know parts are pricey but where in the USA do I find parts for it. I like that it can use a heavier thread Since I intend on using it to repair English riding boots. Thought and suggestions? ebay # 12376717
  8. Old Coach Saddlery

    Stirrup leathers

    You can also get English stirrup buts from Booth & Co. He is on the east coat just outside Boston
  9. Good luck Uwe. Looks like fun. Lots of nice stuff there.
  10. Old Coach Saddlery

    Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    I have gotten some nicer stuff from Booth & co. In Essex Ma. He has Sedgwick leather. Nice bridle and lovely goat. Super nice guy.
  11. Old Coach Saddlery

    Holster or Stirrup plate

    Thanks for the info.
  12. Old Coach Saddlery

    List of Members sewing machines

    I learned on a Pro-2000 but currently used at my work ( tack repair) a Ferdinand 900b set up with 207/277 poly. I have in my own shop at home two Ferdinand 900b one set up for 138/207 and the other with 207/277 all the machines have clutch motors. I also have a Juki DNU1541 which I put a servo and speed reducer on a year ago. I love the fact that it will crawl. Most of my work is tack repair.
  13. Old Coach Saddlery

    Restoration Decals

    Ferdco, Super Bull, Pro-2000, Pro-440R
  14. Old Coach Saddlery

    Restoration Decals

    I have some Ferdinand Inc. decals available. These are high quality 3m vinyl reproductions. I had them made for my 900b Bull and have extras. $10 each.
  15. Old Coach Saddlery

    What to do with a 10-ft long strap?

    I didn't know that a hide could be 10 feet long?