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  1. I am considering selling my throat plates and foot for my Ferdinand harness stitcher. These are very special as I have never seen them before. They came with my Bull that I bought several years ago.
  2. Joel I did post the model. It is a Landis Model 30. Thanks for the link but it was of no help.
  3. Looking for a 6 inch blade for my Model 30 splitter. Maybe me chipped today. I’ll get it sharpened tomorrow but want to keep a spare on hand. For the next time.
  4. Think I’ll be heading to Ace Hardware tomorrow.
  5. Has anyone used this die sharpener? I acquired some die’s that came with a press I purchased. They are in need of sharpening.
  6. Eddie yes it does. I was going to see how far I could disassemble it to move. Such as the plates. But I think I’ll leave them alone. Thx
  7. Bruce, I thought the round plates might be the detracting part.
  8. Anyone have experience with a Mast Harness Press? Going to look at one this weekend. Comes with a bunch of English saddle dies. I’m an equipment junky. Not sure yet what I would do with it . English tack is my thing but these dies look pretty dated. Anyway I would love any info someone could give me. Good bad or ugly. Thanks
  9. I picked this clicker knife up at a local antique shop. I liked the different handle. I was surprised that it was made in the USA. It is marked Milwaukee Wis. the company has worn off. Any idea how the manufacturer might be?
  10. I luv my 1541. Had an Lu562 before and the 1541 blows it away. I put a servo and speed reducer and can’t say enough about this machine.
  11. I have heard that about Hoffman Brothers. My machine is based off a Consew 794R. I have a screw coming from another manufacturer that I hope will work.
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