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  1. I picked this clicker knife up at a local antique shop. I liked the different handle. I was surprised that it was made in the USA. It is marked Milwaukee Wis. the company has worn off. Any idea how the manufacturer might be?
  2. I luv my 1541. Had an Lu562 before and the 1541 blows it away. I put a servo and speed reducer and can’t say enough about this machine.
  3. I have heard that about Hoffman Brothers. My machine is based off a Consew 794R. I have a screw coming from another manufacturer that I hope will work.
  4. I too gave up on barge. I use master cement. Very much like the old barge
  5. Got my rein rounder from Bruce many years ago.
  6. I am searching for the screw for the 900b presser foot. I have 2 of my own machines but this is for the one at my work. I took one of mine down to the local hardware store. 4mm to small and 5mm to big. Almost threaded in the 10x32 but not quite right. I will call Tony Luberto if I have to. I was hoping someone would have the right answer.
  7. We have a 545 at our work. Used for light duty repairs on chaps and such. Parts are a little harder to find for the machine and more expensive. Personally I prefer a Juki over the Pfaff
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