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  1. Would an easy out screw extractor work, or is it to small? i have never had a screw that tight. Are you sure it isn’t a reverse thread?
  2. Old Coach Saddlery

    simple pouch for work friend

    That’s awesome. ❤️ Speedy
  3. Old Coach Saddlery

    Arizona Twist

    So I work mostly on English tack and occasionally on simple western repairs. I have been asked to turn some western stirrup leathers using a wrap method. Can anyone help me out. I am only familiar with the broom method.
  4. Old Coach Saddlery


    Yes I have carpal tunnel. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I was scheduled for surgery in March and then Covid happened. I wear braces at night and if I have worked them to hard I will also take Meloxicam. I have a small cattle farm and make hay so my surgery has to be in the off season. So I will wait till after the new year. I too have a touch of arthritis. Wish you well with your surgery.
  5. Old Coach Saddlery

    Steamer Trunk

    Super job!!!
  6. Old Coach Saddlery

    Hello from Kentucky

    Very nice. Welcome to leatherworkers
  7. Old Coach Saddlery

    Looking for US supplier for tack/harness hardware

    There is a company called Intrepid international that does list it. 800 347 0033 nickle welded D 2”. #110113 Conway brass 2” # 244541
  8. Old Coach Saddlery

    Looking for US supplier for tack/harness hardware

    What is it that you are making? there is Ohio travel bag if you are doing luggage. Chupp Brothers if you are working on harness. I do have some other names I could give you later.
  9. Old Coach Saddlery

    Looking for US supplier for tack/harness hardware

    Weaver leather should have what your looking for.
  10. Old Coach Saddlery

    Adler 30-70 advice

    Agreed. Love the history.
  11. Old Coach Saddlery

    Adler 30-70 advice

    No it was a Sutton stand. It came with the sewing machine. They are used in the shoe industry. I removed the motor and replaced it with a servo and speed reducer. I kept the stand because its compact and put wheels on it so I could tuck it in a corner of the shop and pull it out when needed. I think your Adler is an early model. You should be able to run the motor off the backside of your table. i used a piece of plywood to extend the table out for that purpose.
  12. Old Coach Saddlery

    Your favourite tools

    I would have to say my stitching bench. My father gave it to me almost 30 years ago when I started with leather work. He is now gone and it will never leave me.
  13. Old Coach Saddlery

    Adler 30-70 advice

    I work mostly on English saddlery. I just happened upon this machine and thought I would replace zippers in tall English riding boots. So I mostly look at it lol. I will oil and run it to keep it moving. I am kind of a sewing machine junky. Can't help it, that's why I have had several Singer patchers come through my shop. I like cleaning them up and get them running again. The Adler was mint and all I did was change the motor to a servo and add a speed reducer.
  14. Old Coach Saddlery

    Adler 30-70 advice

    Glad you got it moving freely. I have a 30-70 I picked up about a year ago. I have it set up with 138 thread. They are such nice machines. You are going to love it.
  15. Old Coach Saddlery

    Adler 30-70 advice

    I have done a few stuck Singer Patchers without having to disassemble. Oil her up good and keep rotating. So much so that it drips.