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  1. I have heard that about Hoffman Brothers. My machine is based off a Consew 794R. I have a screw coming from another manufacturer that I hope will work.
  2. I too gave up on barge. I use master cement. Very much like the old barge
  3. Got my rein rounder from Bruce many years ago.
  4. I am searching for the screw for the 900b presser foot. I have 2 of my own machines but this is for the one at my work. I took one of mine down to the local hardware store. 4mm to small and 5mm to big. Almost threaded in the 10x32 but not quite right. I will call Tony Luberto if I have to. I was hoping someone would have the right answer.
  5. We have a 545 at our work. Used for light duty repairs on chaps and such. Parts are a little harder to find for the machine and more expensive. Personally I prefer a Juki over the Pfaff
  6. Bruce johnson leather is the guy who would likely know something about that mark.
  7. Would an easy out screw extractor work, or is it to small? i have never had a screw that tight. Are you sure it isn’t a reverse thread?
  8. So I work mostly on English tack and occasionally on simple western repairs. I have been asked to turn some western stirrup leathers using a wrap method. Can anyone help me out. I am only familiar with the broom method.
  9. Yes I have carpal tunnel. I was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I was scheduled for surgery in March and then Covid happened. I wear braces at night and if I have worked them to hard I will also take Meloxicam. I have a small cattle farm and make hay so my surgery has to be in the off season. So I will wait till after the new year. I too have a touch of arthritis. Wish you well with your surgery.
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