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  1. John Bianchi's The Arts and Secrets of Advanced Western Holster Making. This is a 3 volume set plus Interview with a Legend. Very good condition. $100 for all 4 DVDs+$5 media rate shipping. Will only accept payments through Paypal. US Shipping only. DVDs will be shipped once payment is received.
  2. The book is in like new condition. Some shelf wear on the dust jacket. $95+$5 shipping for media rate. Payment will only be accepted through Paypal. Will ship once payment has been received. US shipping only.
  3. I wear revolvers daily. Usually a Ruger SP101. I make my holsters with a hammer guard front and back. I like the retention. If I could stand on my head, my revolver will stay in the holster. Reholstering is no problem. I practice a lot. I have been involved with carrying handguns off an on professionally and privately for almost 40 years. I recommend buying a revolver and carry concealed with whatever design you come up with. I do not carry IWB but I have included a photo of a holster that can be worn IWB or OWB by attaching the straps to the holster with screws.
  4. I still have 35 left. Email haysholsters@hotmail.com for an updated list. Thanks, Jeff
  5. I think you guys are saying we eat better than they did in the 1950's. Great looking work as usual. I wear one of the Stohlman shoulder holsters daily.
  6. TerryJ, I have not received your email. Please check the spelling. Lots of folks claim I spell my name wrong. I drop the e. haysholsters@hotmail.com
  7. Excellent. I have 35 dummy guns left. Please email haysholsters@hotmail.com for an updated list. Thanks, Jeff
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