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  1. I had two Passport covers to make last year for myself and my sister. I looked around for some of these, not too serious since it was just for us, but I did look. I was mainly looking on ebay for old printing press stamps. In the end I just stamped a U.S. on them. Your stamp is really nice.
  2. I've almost bought a low end 3d printer a couple times. I thought I could use it to make my own leather stamps that I would use with my arbor press. I don't know how long they would last or if the detail would be fine enough though. I've also thought about getting a CNC machine and using brass for this, as I know that would work. I really would like a laser cutter/engraver too.
  3. I've been deer hunting this season, and thinking if I get one, I may try to "brain tan" the hide. I've never done anything like that but have heard about it, and thought I might try my hand at it. I have a pair of deer skin gloves I use for riding my motorcycle in cold weather that are really nice.
  4. Pretty cool. Would like to see it strapped down to that luggage rack too. It'd probably spend 10 plus hours just on the hand stitching. Did you have anything to do with that solo bag I see? I'm interested in that too, but then I'm interested in just about all motorcycle luggage.
  5. Thanks Rohn. mlapaglia, I probably walked about 3 to 4 miles while wearing it this past weekend and it felt fine for the most part. I think I may shorten the lower straps by about an inch or two and then maybe readjust the top two straps as I think I would like it to ride a little higher on my torso. It balances out pretty well with the two full mags versus my 1911. For reference, my 1911 is a Colt XSE Lightweight, the frame is made from aluminum alloy. My mags are Wilson Combat 8 round mags. This is the only shoulder rig I've ever tried on, so I don't know exactly how it rides in comparison to a professionally made one. I have a CCW and did wear it in the shoulder rig today under a motorcycle jacket.
  6. I wanted a shoulder holster for my 1911. Made this on a whim rather quickly with scrap leather I had around. Just use it when I'm hunting and such. The back butterfly piece is tooled with a basket weave because I had a section in my scrap box from when I practiced the basket weave. A couple things I wish I had done differently but I got in a hurry as I wanted to use it before the weekend. I guess technically it isn't finished, as I want to make some elastic and leather straps that connect to a belt on each side, but I didn't have any elastic.
  7. I've probably made less than 10 tubular handles, but here is my method. Whenever I laminate leather straps, I initially cut my straps about a quarter inch wider than the final strap will be. I glue the two pieces together and then once the gule is dry I trim 1/8 inch off each side to get to the actual size I need my strap to be. I do this so my edges don't have glue overflow but I know the glue goes out tot he edge. So I have a whole bunch of various pieces of leather "string" about 1/8 wide and in various weights of leather. I toss 'em in a box as scrap. When I made my first round handle I decided to use that leather as the filler. I use about four pieces of these cut to length and glued in place inside the role stacked two side by side and two on top. My oldest one is just over a year old and seems fine to me. Its slightly firm and holds the round shape, but as not extremely stiff either.
  8. I have no idea about the fleece picking up burs and such, it does make since. But regarding the neoprene idea, I did something similar on a sling I made my dad. I used an old computer mouse pad for padding and and just sandwiched it between two pieces of leather.
  9. Cool, something I've never seen and would never think to make, but I drink out of that style jar all the time.
  10. That's pretty cool. Maybe I'll have my dad make me some. His big thing currently is making odd bowls out of multiple small pieces of exotic woods on his lathe. Give him something else to do.
  11. I like it, and I usually don't like the laced edge style.
  12. Looks good to me. I like the small details on the letters.
  13. I take it you probably used your air brush to do the dye job? Turned out great.
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