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  1. Elliot


    I bought them from someone selling His used tools, so don't know. Nice free turning tool, just need a better operator.
  2. Elliot


    I have 2 of those knifes , 5/8 barrels on them. To big for short turns, but nice wide turns.
  3. That tool has not been ground enough. You could spend 40 years with rouge to get a cutting edge. I have 2 or 3 I picked up with other tool sets bought from others. I even bought a new one they are all in the bottom of the junk box. You could wast a lot of time trying to make it work, send it back.
  4. Elliot

    Elephant leather

    #1 sold pending funds. thank you
  5. Elliot

    Damage during transport

    With that damage the shaft may be bent. Check that before going further. Good luck
  6. You have a very fix for cramping hands, may not work for everyone. I just tried it feels good in hand, had to slow way up tooling this afternoon. Thank you Rod
  7. Elliot

    Elephant leather

    I have been told a fully grown Bull, thin places 3/8 in to over 1/2 at the thickest. The wrinkles can be quite deep. takes much work to get hides down to belt thickness, without cutting into the wrinkles. I think 75.00 sq ft is cheep for the work involved. Rod
  8. Elliot

    Elephant leather

    #3 sold pending funds.
  9. Elliot

    Elephant leather

    #2 sold pending funds 1 & 3 still for sale
  10. Elliot

    Elephant leather

    The grid lines are 1 foot apart in the photos Prices per photo shipped flat-rate box lower 48 only Questions PM me 1# 85.00 2# 35.00 3# 85.00 . Below are close-ups. 1 & 3 are dark chocolate
  11. Elliot

    Self Drilling/Tapping Screwstuds?

    It looks to me that they are to be used in aluminum, or soft metal. You need a sharper thread for steel.
  12. Elliot

    Is $200 for Tandy Deluxe Splitter a Good Deal?

    If it was good, Tandy would not be selling at 200. Most of what they sell now make good paper weights or wall hangers. Another good use of Tandy junk, if you have a shop with a front counter leave a few tools scattered around. If they are missing when a so called customer leaves you have them pegged. I use to tear the corner of a 20 (50 would be better now) sticking out from under something fairly light. Some would tell you about it, others try to slip out, the look on their face price-less. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. You haven't scratched the surface yet It gets worse.
  14. Elliot

    Goldstar Tool Snap press

    Will buy one press and both dies. How do you want to get paid? PM me with the details.