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  1. HeidiJSetzer

    Help with Consew 206RB-3

    Thanks Gregg from Keystone. The pics really help! Heidi
  2. HeidiJSetzer

    Help with Consew 206RB-3

    Thanks, Gary! I sent an email to Bob at Toledo and look forward to hearing from him. Heidi
  3. HeidiJSetzer

    Help with Consew 206RB-3

    I just acquired a Consew 206RB-3 in near mint condition for $250.00 and am beside myself excited! I have not used a walking foot machine prior to this and am wondering about any and all things related to it. I am thinking a Servo motor might be the way for me to go but don't know what model or where to purchase? I am planning on sewing heavier fabrics and leather. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on most of which has been online. I do have operators manuals for ever Consew 206RB except the 3, (my model of course). I have gone over the entire machine and everything seems to be working as it should. I'm not certain but it looks like the oil wicks on the top of the machine may have gotten shredded, (I've included some photos). I have been searching online for replacement oil wicks and haven't found any. Does anyone have a source for those? Also are there supposed to be any wicks in or around the needle bar area? Is there anyone out there that lives in the Lexington, Kentucky or Ohio that may have sources for supplies like thread, needles and etc., or even online sources that can help someone like myself new to this kind of machine? Any help or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks, Heidi ,