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  1. Yes, it is him. I received an email reply with some additional information... Not mentioned in the ad: It has a 9" arm as measured from the needle to the frame. A good amount of workspace for a hand crank machine. The presser foot raises to 3/4" and you can sew to over 1/2" of leather,nylon, canvas etc. Also thread sizes from 69 to 346. The Cub is a full rotary machine with a 10" crank arm for good leverage. The Cub is simple and very easy to use and it makes a great looking stitch. See attached photos.
  2. No website. Here's the contact information given in the ad... Windham Sewing Machines LLC PO Box 583 Moosup, CT 06354 phone: 860-564-8252 email: classiccub@att.net (hmmm?)
  3. I think it might be, the machine pictured in the ad looks very similar to the photos of the Lubertos Cub posted within this thread...http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=29166. And while the company name differs, Windham Sewing Machines LLC, the address matches the given one as well.
  4. Does anyone have any experience or familiarity with the Windham Cub hand crank sewing machine? I just saw an ad for it in the Jan/Feb issue of the Leather Crafter's Journal.
  5. Making a New Year's resolution to get back to using my leatherworking tools...such inspiration on this site.

    1. Lavendara


      One of the best resolutions to make. :)

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