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  1. I don't have a name for the border but you can order the smaller stamp from Clay Miller tools. It's called the Whitaker Border Stamp. The idea was to emulate the engraved borders I saw on engraved firearms.
  2. A new stamp i designed and asked Clay to make.
  3. Fully Loaded Tool bag. (also has a hidden pocket for emergency gas money.)
  4. I like your stamping choices. I think there ought to be a crease line on the loop though...just my opinion, i think there should be a crease line on all single thickness edges.
  5. No offense taken about the location thing. I'm in so Cal as Art said. Here are some pics of missing tool impressions.
  6. Terrible week, First day at work of the New Year and we discover that some scum had broken into the shop and made off with over $9000 worth of tools and leather. Among the missing items are antique stamps and punches along with over $3000 in my personal stamping tools, many of which were custom made by Bob Beard. The stamping tools all had some white tape on them. There were also Barry King, Gomph, Chuck Smith, Baron and Tandy tools in the rack. There were over 70 stamps in all. Hopefully, insurance won’t give us a problem in replacing them but it will take months to replace the Bob Beard tools and I doubt I’ll ever be able to replace the antique ones. I have had to call back customers and tell them that I won’t be able to do the job they want because the stamps are gone. Keep on the lookout for a collection of 18 Bob Beard Stamps. Two of the ones stolen were designed by me and they will be easy to identify. The other tools stolen are CS Osborne, Weaver, and custom punches. These tools may have some red paint on them somewhere. I can’t begin to describe how depressed I’ve been this week.
  7. Thanks for all the kindness. Where did you get that buckle and the conchos? Buckle is this one...http://www.highlandtradingcompany.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=52&products_id=690&zenid=85a3ed46003808c64c788456ef3e86dd holster concho here...https://www.etsy.com/listing/168081480/concho-screw-back-rivet-celtic-openwork?ref=shop_home_active_5 belt concho here http://www.birdsall-leather.com.au/Y7936_dash_05w/Celtic-Rectangle-Concho-%28/pd.php Also what kind of stamp is that right on the holster? Barry King Double V Wave http://www.barrykingtools.com/page9.htm what would a rig like that run? Right about $1200
  8. Something a little different for the gunslinger from Ireland.
  9. Muleskiner, I don't know where you got your information but John Bianchi has not passed away. He is now 78 years old. His father has passed away many years ago and bears the same name. The article at this link was also written by an uninformed person who didn't do due diligence before publishing a fabrication. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/2001/apr/27/john-bianchi-founder-of-temecula-business-dies-at/ Before you go around claiming that someone told a lie you better get your damn facts straight. John and I taught many years at the southwest leather trade show in Wickenburg, AZ. Uninformed people who pass on their ignorance piss me off.
  10. John Bianchi uses his Ferdco for some work and his new Cobra Class 4 for other work. The motor on the Ferdco is an Efka. not positive on the model. The Cobra Class 4 has a NPS servo motor. AFAIK, all NPS systems have a synchronizer that attaches to the main shaft near the hand wheel. Heel down on the pedal raises the needle out of the work. If you take your foot off the gas the machine will stop with the needle down, just after the shuttle hook has caught the loop. This enables tight turns without any skipped stitches. The needle positioner motors are a godsend. It greatly speeds up difficult stitching. Both the Ferdco and the Cobra John uses have needle positioner motors. The new motors offered by Leather Machine Shop are much less expensive than the older NPS motors and give you the same results. (The ability to control the top speed. Stop the stitch in either needle up or down position. I hope this helps clear up any remaining questions about what John's machines are. If not let me know! The picture is of the motor on John's Ferdco. Matt Whitaker General Manager Frontier Gunleather
  11. 6.Extradition: Part 2 (14 December 1963) - Mexican bandit (uncredited)

    7.Comanches Is Soft (7 March 1964) - Bar patron in fight (uncredited)

    8.Caleb (28 March 1964) - Barfly (uncredited)

    9.Jonah Hutchinson (21 November 1964) - Poker Player (uncredited)

    10.Hammerhead (26 December 1964) - Henchman (uncredited)

    11.Double Entry (2 January 1965) - Charlie (unc...

  12. My San Fernando Saddlerey ~ Saddle Was In 13 Eposodes Of Gunsmoke My # 575-377-3174 ~ It Was Hal Needham,s # 1 Stuntman In The World ~

  13. "Gunsmoke" (13 episodes )

    ... aka "Marshal Dillon" - USA (rerun title)

    1.Catawomper (10 February 1962) - Billy Joe Carter (uncredited)

    2.The Boys (26 May 1962) - Ed

    3.The Renegades (12 January 1963) - Stagecoach cowboy (uncredited)

    4.Anybody Can Kill a Marshal (9 March 1963) - Fighting Cowboy (uncredited)

    5.The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner ...

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